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Fancy updating the look of your home furnishings without going to town on DIY? Sheridan's cushions and throws can transform any room in your house. With more than four decades in the bedding and soft furnishings industry, Sheridan is a respected global brand synonymous with quality.

Ever since we first opened for business in the 1970s, Sheridan has proudly designed, manufactured and sold soft furnishings such as cushions plus bedding in every iteration imaginable. Rest assured that if a product bears the Sheridan name, it boasts durability and excellent craftsmanship.
Sheridan's cushion collections feature every imaginable shape and size including square, rectangular, and even whale and bird shaped for the juniors. In addition, pair your new cushions with bedding such as doonas, bed linen and quilts. By setting the tone of your bedroom with the right home décor, you may find you sleep a lot easier.
As loyal Sheridan customers will be only too happy to tell you, our products boast beautiful finish and designs. We're confident that, like them, you'll return to view our new collections year after year to add to your Sheridan goods.
The Sheridan team is home to leading artists, designers and weavers. They have a breadth of experience when it comes to creating popular soft furnishings, doonas, bed linen and homewares designs, which can be inspired by something simple like a flower, or something topical like a world event. More often than not you'll find we've hand drawn and painted the designs on many of our products, while also utilising the latest technology. We consider – and we hope you'll agree – that many of our products feature attention to detail seen elsewhere in textile art.
Are you prone to colour sensitivity and over stimulation? A brightly-coloured bedroom may exacerbate sleeplessness come bed time. Consider updating your décor to include more neutral tones such as whites, creams and pale blues, or aubergines and browns.