At the cutting room table: designing blue

Summer's new mood. Our Head Designer Mark Travers explores the new blues of our Summer Collection, and the significance of one of our favourite hues.

Design beginnings.

Blue is natural, it is the colour of the sky and sea. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence & faith.

Blue surrounds us in the landscape of Australia. It is a colour so familiar and yet so unique in that, like no other colour, it holds a truly universal appeal.

As a colour for textiles, it started from humble, practical beginnings. Whether a farmer or a shopkeeper, a labourer or a craftsman, the working man was wearing blue. Every type of work garment ended up in a vat of blue dye. Aprons, overalls, boiler suits, jackets, handkerchiefs and scarves. Australia grew up with a red heart and a blue skin.

Over the decades the image changed and blue became the colour of summer teamed with white. Fresh clean and very much the colour of the outdoors.

Blue in all its tones and saturations, has quietly become the essential colour and there seems to be no immediate end to our ongoing love of the colour reflected in our oceans and skies in our vast Australian landscape, which we’re endlessly inspired by.

We are enamored by blue in all its levels of saturation.

Our new season collection.

This season we celebrate the blue that flows through the life of a day, inspiring the name of our new season collection, Drift.

We start with the warm, early purple blues of the sunrise. Then the clean haze blues of the early morning. Growing into the brighter, fresh blues of the mid-morning and finally the eye covering blaze-blues of the midday sky. In the afternoon we move into the softer, lazier blues and on into the gentle velvet blues of the dusk and lastly the cool midnight blues of night.

Looking at blue from this perspective we see a myriad of tones and shades all linked back to our natural surrounds and all within the light of one day.

Blue in your home.

Designs that capture all these moods are Newhall, painting the forest in soft, early morning blues. The Alderson Quilt Cover design is a clean blue, flecked with white in a marl linen fabrication. Boardwalk features all the flowers from under the sea in a brighter blue palette and Lake Cave plays with the swirling blues from an underground grotto in the colours of afternoon blue. Niland features ghost like, pressed flowers in shades from early evening and Pearse ends the day with an intricate woven design in midnight.

We are enamored by blue in all it’s levels of saturation.