At the cutting room table: designing Busselton

To gather inspiration for our Spring / Summer 16 Collection, Drift, we journeyed to Western Australia.

A fun filled, adventurous day at Busselton Jetty in WA was the inspiration behind the artwork for this playful kids bed design.

We took the train down the jetty to the Underwater Observatory, where we descended down into the deep-sea world. Greeted by different marine life and the room filled with vivid colours of blues and greens, we began to paint our colourful, vibrant surroundings.

Inspired by the ocean in the distance, thinking about all the wonderful sea life we have in Australia, the pages of our sketch books filled up.

Walking back down to Busselton Jetty to the shore, we took in breathtaking views of the infinite horizon of great levels of blues filled with fluffy white clouds.

Approaching the coastline we could see paddleboats lined up on the sand, the tallest pine trees piercing the sky, and children splashing and swimming in the sea. It was the perfect setting to inspire the Busselton Quilt Cover design.

Our Kids and Baby Collection is now available in our 35 David Jones Kids and Baby concepts Australia wide.