At the cutting room table: designing our latest sheeting innovation Ultrasoft Cotton Cashmere

Sheridan has a rich history in weaving using a variety of textiles and fibres which stems from our beginnings in 1967. Head designer, Mark Travers shares the innovation behind our new sheeting range Ultrasoft Cotton Cashmere.

Using fibres.

Blended fabrics are created from mixing two or more different types of fibres. This enables us to form new textiles with distinct advantages. Each fibre retains the separate set of physical and aesthetic characteristics inherent to its nature but the fabric acquires new characteristics depending on the percent of the fibres we mix.

Cashmere, coming from the Cashmere goat, is a rare, renewable fibre which is only available in limited supply.

The two ingredients.

Long staple cotton, a vegetable seed fibre, comes from the cotton plant in long luxurious strands. Cotton has the qualities of strength, durability and insulation that we are all familiar with. It is a well-loved and preferred fabric, and is the foundation of most bedrooms in Australia.

Cashmere, coming from the Cashmere goat, is a rare, renewable fibre which is only available in limited supply. One goat yields an average of four to six ounces of fibre. It takes 10 to 12 ounces of fibre to make a single two-ply sweater. Cashmere offers great insulation being warm in the winter and cool in the spring. Also long lasting, it becomes softer with age and rarely pills after being worn and washed. It should last a lifetime.

Designing a new sheet using cotton and cashmere.

In designing our new innovation in sheeting, the two most important qualities we wanted from the addition of the cashmere, were softness and the aspects of newness and rarity that would come from using this beautiful fibre.

The challenge for the weaving mill technicians was to meld together these two fibres, one from a vegetable source and the other from an animal source and keep the strength of the cotton yet maintain the luxury and softness of the cashmere.

The fabric.

Our new Ultrasoft Cotton Cashmere Sheet Collection is the result of many trials and developments to come up with the pefect combination of the two fibres. This took many months of work at the mill, as every step in the process from the initial combing to the final finishing, gave different results as we fine-tuned the balance. Then, when we had the ‘feel’ we wanted for the final fabric, it had to be independently tested to ensure all aspects, from shrinkage to piling, met the Sheridan benchmark.

We are very pleased with the result and are excited to have added a new and different product into the Sheridan library of sheeting with a truly luxurious sleep experience.