Expertly woven: meet the dobby

Meet the dobby weave.

Perhaps you’ve noticed Sheridan sheets with a certain texture to them. They’ve got the faintest natural pattern built into their DNA. You can see it, and feel it as you you’re your hands across their surface. This may be a dobby weave.

Head Designer Mark Travers explains exactly what this means.

Let’s begin with a few definitions – these terms can be quite technical!

A loom, first up, is a device used to weave cloth. The basic purpose of any loom is to hold the warp (lengthwise) threads under tension, and allow the weft threads (yarns drawn through the warp to produce a cloth) to create a design. A dobby weave is made from a loom using small, intricate designs to create a raised, woven effect. It is characterised by its small geometric patterns and texture in the cloth.

Each shaft controls a set of threads, raising or lowering several shafts at the same time, resulting in hundreds of design possibilities for the Master Weaver.

The result is a dobby weave. A celebration of artisans, expertly crafted and wonderfully subtle.