Meet key hue of the season, carbon

This season we’ve fallen for carbon, a neutral base of the most saturated grey. We take a moment with our Head Designer, Mark Travers, who explores the significance of this season’s signature hue.

A new take on black.

Globally, design’s journey into darkness progresses, celebrating sombre hues and exploring a range of darker, tinted tonalities that provide an alternative to evergreen black. Charcoal grey and midnight blue are confirmed as core colour trends.

Dark tones have been steadily growing in influence to claim a position of prominence across interiors as a key colour direction for the season. The darks have been widely embraced not only in residential spaces, but also in hospitality and retail, inspiring more dramatic interior settings.

Refining this midnight-inspired aesthetic, our Sheridan seasonal colour is the logical result of a long evolution of darks, beginning with the rich, clean black of Ebony and gradually becoming more washed in Anthracite and Charcoal, before finally settling into a powdery dry, dark grey known as Carbon.

Pairing carbon with colour.

Carbon takes over as a background colour across our top of bed and home accessories, inverting the role usually played by paler, brighter colours and setting them off in striking compositions that bring a dramatic touch to interiors. This is visually explained and displayed in our choice of key colours this season in the Decorate collection, that being Turmeric, Plum, Petrol and Flint.

All of these tones look dramatic and saturated against the background of the various Carbon textures.

Styling with carbon in the home.

Carbon, unlike other colours, can be easily scaled up or down to create a personalised feel. Using a little, as in a throw or cushion like our beautiful linen Alena Throw, will add depth against a white or pale bed, or combined with another colour, will add contrast.

Alternatively, dial it up and use a lot, dressing the whole bed in beautiful textural darks like our Reilly Quilt Cover, creating a background for the appearance of jewel-like colour in a cushion or throw. Opt for a highlight of colour with our Haden and Bligh Cushions, or try sheeting like Nashe in new shade, Golden Olive.

We love this new space of not-quite-black and enjoy the combinations we can play with using our Decorate collection. Carbon has become the perfect foil to take us all into this new winter season.