Meet our quality expert: Yvonne Carbone

Yvonne Carbone understands quality better than, well, anyone we know.

As Quality Control Manager at our South Australia testing laboratory, she’s turned scrutinising fabrics into an art form.

Yvonne knows just where to pull, scratch and roughen, how to test for wear and tear. It’s hard to imagine something getting past Yvonne — with 37 years spent at Sheridan, she knows every potential problem, and searches for new ones with eagle-eyed expertise.

In celebration of almost four decades at Sheridan, we stole Yvonne away from work to pick her masterful brain on everything quality.

Tell us about the unique relationship your family have with Sheridan.

My family has a history of working in the textile industry dating back to the 1950s for a business called Actil, which was later established as Sheridan in 1967. My mother was a secretary and father was a boss in a dyeing mill.

After completing school, I followed their footsteps and started working at Sheridan, where I’ve since been for 37 years. Combined, my family has been with the business for 69 years!

No product leaves the technical lab until it has your stamp of approval. Can you tell us a little about Sheridan’s stringent testing and how it compares to the rest of the industry?

I believe the true performance of a sheet can only be measured after it’s been washed, tumble dried and used. We put all of our products through numerous tests to replicate their true performance. Customers want a product that can be laundered well, that doesn’t fade, wear, pill, lint or shrink. We test for all of these things. We test wash and dry our sheeting 100 times — the industry standard is 3.

To cover every base, we use with many different types of washing machines, from top loaders and front loaders to commercial equipment. We also line and tumble dry it to ensure it thrives in every potential condition.

We test wash and dry our sheeting 100 times — the industry standard is 3.

Sourcing and manufacturing is a big part of ensuring Sheridan creates the most premium products. How do we guarantee the quality of our fibres is of the highest grade?

The key is working with the best suppliers from around the globe who understand our needs, quality demands and extensive testing standards. The relationships we have with them are enduring, to ensure high quality consistency.

Now, some of the world’s most incredible mills come to us directly, drawn to the brand because of our reputation for great quality.