Choose your perfect towel

Nothing compares to the feeling of stepping out from a warm shower into a plush and impeccably soft towel. It’s these simple, everyday luxuries that make investing in beautiful bathe pieces all the more worthwhile.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your space and update your bath towels, there’s more to consider than simply colour and style.

Choosing the ultimate indulgence for your bathroom

For those looking for luxury in the bathroom, there’s nothing more indulgent than our Luxury Retreat Towel Collection. Made using a finely spun Turkish cotton pile, these incredibly plush towels are superior in softness and crafted for long lasting luxury. It’s all about subtle touches to create a spa like feel in your bathroom.

If you love Egyptian cotton

Another option to spoil yourself with is our Luxury Egyptian Towel Collection. While maintaining a beautiful softness, these towels are crafted with a combed ring-spun Egyptian cotton pile which allows for greater absorption. Featuring a classic border style design, they’re the perfect accompaniment to any style of bathroom.

Fast drying and lightweight 

If you live an active lifestyle and prefer a lightweight feeling towel, our Quick Dry Luxury Towel Collection is ideal. Made with an exclusive Nanospun technology these towels use fine cotton yarns in a higher density weave for fast absorption. Perfect for those on the go.

Hygro Technology at its best

If you like the plush, softness of a luxury towel but need faster absorption, we recommend our Living Textures Towel Collection or our Hygro™ Texture Towel Collection, both of which are made with 100% Cotton using Hygro™ technology. This spinning technique is designed to capture water faster, while maintaining the plush feel of a towel.

Everyday luxury

Nothing says classic like our Cotton Twist Towel Collection. Crafted from 100% combed cotton, these no fuss towels feature a textured weave and a durable, soft finish. Considered a bathroom staple, this collection is easy to care for and will stand the test of time.

Caring for your bath towels

To prolong the life of your Sheridan bath towels, proper care starts in the washing machine. We recommend using a gentle wash at 40 degrees, as this is the ideal temperature for removing natural body oils and chemical detergents. 

While fabric softeners may seem tempting, they actually reduce the absorbency of your towels. Sheridan uses superior quality yarns to ensure each towel has natural, ready built in softness, making fabric softeners unnecessary.

To remove stains, we recommend treating the area as quickly as possible. Remember to gently soak, wash or blot it out rather than strenuously scrubbing, as this may damage your towel fibres.

To keep your towels feeling fluffy, regular tumble drying is key. We recommend drying your towels in small loads for under 20 minutes on a low to medium setting. Once your towels are slightly damp, remove from the dryer and allow to air dry. Always store your towels in a dry place.