Simple ways to refresh your home this Christmas

Our favourite time of the year calls for easy updates to make your home holiday ready for your family and guests.

We love our uniquely Australian Christmas. Sun drenched days spent by the ocean and spontaneous summer adventures with loved ones in tow. It’s a time for being together, welcoming friends and family into your home and spending quality time in theirs. Prepare your home this festive season with our simple styling tips to make your home feel extra special throughout the holidays and beyond.

Throughout your home.

Summer updates to your home this Christmas can be easily achieved with a textured cotton throw, a statement linen cushion or a fresh print in the lounge room. A soothing, neutral colour palette looks chic and contemporary, allowing decorations to seamlessly complement your home décor for a more cohesive and inviting feel.

In the guestroom.

For guests staying at Christmas, crisp summer weight sheeting and a stack of the plushest white towels will make their stay feel beautiful and luxurious. Create a spa-like sanctuary with the Luxury Retreat Towel Collection, perfect for your guests to wrap themselves in before retiring into fresh Abbotson Linen sheets after a day of festivities.

In the bathroom.

To complete the luxury experience and create a welcoming ambience in your home, incorporate a delicate room spray or diffuser to introduce a sense of tranquillity. We recommend burning the fragrant Wild Fig Candle in your living room to heighten the festive spirit, while the crisp, fresh notes of the Beach Escape Diffuser are perfectly suited to the holiday home. Be sure to stock your bathrooms with freshly laundered towels and an aromatic hand wash and lotion to truly pamper your guests.

Celebrate outdoors.

For the perfect summer in your garden, on the deck entertaining or playing in the pool with your kids, a simple beach towel update and a new picnic blanket will have you ready for outdoor activity. Generous enough to fit the whole family, the Davies Picnic Blanket packs up to a compact size and is easily transportable, ideal for a little impromptu alfresco dining on those balmy summer evenings.

To complete the experience for your holiday guests, monogram a robe just for them, and leave a fresh pair of slippers by their bed.

Finishing touches.

Add a personal touch for your holiday guests by monogramming a Quick Dry Luxury Bathrobe just for them and leave a pair of slippers by their bed. After a long and tiring journey, considered details such as a pair of lightweight pyjamas placed at the end of your guest bed, or a sleek cosmetic bag stocked with luxurious toiletries will create a truly personal stay in your home.