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Your hands are delicate tools there to help you carry out daily tasks in your home, at work, in the garden, and in so many other aspects of your busy, everyday life. They are also one of the first areas on your body to show signs of ageing, so it’s only fair to treat them with the care and respect they deserve. Choose from our beautiful range of hand lotions and begin the process of rejuvenation and pampering to ensure you never take this important part of your body for granted.

The luxuriously relaxed, down-to-earth unique scent of our Beach Escape Fragrance is accentuated through the use of superior quality ingredients that combine to create the perfect aroma.

This beautiful fragrance was crafted through collaboration with a well-respected, ninth-generation fragrance house in the United Kingdom. Featuring the luxuriously rounded middle notes of white flowers and vanilla orchard that are enlivened with fresh orange and bergamot, Beach Escape heightens both your senses and your mood. Paired with the more grounded tones of amber and sea moss, you will find yourself transported you to another life along the Australian coast with this uniquely glorious fragrance.

The sumptuous lotion is infused with Dead Sea mineral extract to ensure complete comfort and rejuvenation of the skin. Light and easily absorbed, it makes for easy maintenance on a daily basis to ensure your skin truly benefits from its hydrating properties. With natural moistures such as sweet almond oil and shea butter, this classy hand lotion will keep your hands feeling soft, fresh and rejuvenated day after day.

A match made in heaven, our beautiful range of hand lotions will ensure your skin retains its beautiful, youthful flair for years to come. Treat yourself and provide your hands with the luxury they deserve by pampering and massaging them with our luxurious hand lotions that have been crafted to perfection.


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