It’s a matter of refined luxury and relaxation with our large range of mattress toppers and underlays, providing you with additional cushioned softness to enhance your fabulous night’s sleep. Designed to increase comfort, they have the added bonus of protecting your mattress in the process, increasing its longevity and offering a more restful sleep. Whether your bed feels too firm, or you’re simply seeking additional luxury, our range will cater to your every need.

Run your fingers through the soft wool fleece of our Deluxe Wool Underlay and sink into its snug interior. The MycraLoft® combing process ensures an even temperature, with its reversible nature providing uncompromised comfort all year long. The soft wool fleece encompassing one side keeps you warm in winter, while the cotton sateen on the other will keep you cool in summer. Our highly durable wool can be machine washed and tumbled dried while still maintaining its shape and comfort – easy living at its best.

Soft and luxurious, our Deluxe Dream Bed Topper provides an additional layer of comfort that once you experience for the first time, you will never be able to part with. Consisting of a dual layer to improve comfort and weight distribution across your mattress, the elasticized straps easily stretch over the deepest of mattresses. The in-built, anti-microbial treatment is ideal for asthma and allergy suffers, making this a comfortable and practical choice to complement your bedroom range.

Treat your bed to an additional comfort layer with our practical and luxurious range of mattress toppers and underlays. Protect your mattress and increase its lifespan, while providing yourself with ultimate year-round comfort that can’t be rivaled. Designed to fit a large range of mattresses of all depths, you can rest assured you will find something to complement your needs. Peruse our collection and sink into comfort and style, enjoying the perfect night’s sleep.


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