One of the most important features in any room is, of course, the furniture. Whether you prefer a strikingly modern and minimalist look, a classic and traditional aesthetic, or anything in between, Sheridan is proud to offer a beautiful collection of home essentials to help you make any space feel special.

If you are looking for the ideal blend of comfort and style, Sheridan’s exceptional range of premium furniture is the perfect choice. Our extensive offerings include elegant tables that come in a variety of styles and sizes. Enhance your living room with a sophisticated wooden side table or complete your dining space with a standalone marble-topped surface. These attractive, versatile items also make the perfect platform to display any of Sheridan’s decorative accents, such as our stunning platters and trays .

Our variety of high-quality furnishings is certainly not limited to tables. The Sheridan furniture line also includes exceptionally comfortable seating. We make it easy to create a cosy living space with our luxurious sofas. Expertly crafted from the finest materials, Sheridan’s seating options are the epitome of both practicality and style—just like all of the items in our furniture range. Explore your creative side with our items’ endless styling possibilities, which are easy to mix and match with our unique wall art and frames and other original decorative accents.

In addition to our lovely sofas, tables, and living room pieces, Sheridan’s luxurious furniture set also extends to a number of items specifically for your bedroom, including customisable beds, bedheads, and blanket boxes. From upholstered full beds to individual bed heads, our bedroom furniture selection has a design to suit any preference. Plus, our bedroom furnishings are also an excellent complement to Sheridan’s sumptuous bed and quilt covers .

Ultimately, no matter what type of look you wish to create in your home, at Sheridan, we are pleased to offer the finest furniture collection on the market. You can feature our beautiful beds, tables, sofas, and other essential furnishings to instill comfort and style in any room of the house.


Sometimes, it can be difficult to avoid clutter in a room, and keeping a space open and balanced can be a challenge. Fortunately, at Sheridan, we are proud to offer a number of innovative storage solutions to help control clutter in a stylish way. Our beautiful storage boxes are the prime example of practical storage units that double as attractive, contemporary furniture pieces.

For any room that contains belongings that are not used all the time, Sheridan’s storage boxes are excellent solutions. Featuring the same expert craftsmanship that distinguishes all of Sheridan’s items, our storage boxes are designed from sturdy materials to ensure that they will last for years to come. They are also highly adaptable pieces that go well with many other items from the Sheridan homewares collection, so you can place them alongside a stylish side table or beside one of our luxurious sofas.

With the help of our adaptable storage boxes, you can organise any room of the house to enhance your dining room, study, or lounge area. They also look beautiful in a bedroom space because the upholstered designs of our plush blanket boxes offer a perfect complement to the Sheridan collection of bedsand bed heads.

With their emphasis on style as well as practicality, these versatile storage boxes can work wonderfully as subtle additions to help you organise your belongings, but they can also serve as stylish, standalone furniture items. They also offer ample storage space so that you can use them to stow away any items you don’t always need, from extra bath towels for guests to warm throwsand blankets that you need a place to keep during the summer months. Our storage boxes match the aesthetic of Sheridan’s other furniture items so well that you can blend them seamlessly with the rest of your furnishings and decorative items to create the aesthetic of your choice.

Clear your living space of clutter and organise any room of the house with these innovative storage boxes to create a balanced, open feel in your space. Combining practicality, durability, and style all into one, these versatile storage solutions can help you transform your home from a cluttered space to a relaxing refuge, enhancing your sense of comfort and peace of mind all at once.


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