Adding metallic details to your home with Lara Hutton

Interior Stylist Lara Hutton is the lady behind the scenes, styling our deluxe collection for AW19. Here, Lara gives us the ins and outs of styling metallic in the home.

In any space I create - balance, feel and the mood is the key. 

I find that metallics are such an important component when styling a room or home because they can infer an immediate sense of either sleek sophistication or patina. 

In the Eastern Philosophy, Metal is Yin, or Feminine - and is a very important grounding element. This is also so true when working and putting together a space. It’s clear how adding a metallic element or item will instantly work as an element of strength or an ’anchor’ piece.


Millennia Bed Collection

I love working with metallic objects, because they not only set an immediate tone, but they work to establish the contrast in a room between soft and hard lines. 

Depending on the feel or mood of a room or home, the metallic elements will have a different purpose. It’s important to know what the look is to work successfully. Metallics are usually the refining detail that finishes a space, so it is so important to use simple, minimal amounts - keeping the balance so the metallic pieces can be successful and stand out.

Using metallics in your bedroom will always add an immediate sense of luxury. I always work by the 'feeling’ of a space, and don’t always abide by rules.

Millennia Bed Collection

 Create this look:

 1. Careful curated and considered choices: think about the look you are trying to achieve and stay true to it. 

2. Break the metallics up, use sparingly and thoughtfully. They will have a strong presence, so it’s important they aren’t over-used and end up being visually lost or cluttered.

3. Think about your style aspiration and your palette - which metallic is going to work with what you want to create. Is it a Luxe, polished metallic, or is it an aged more dulled metallic… then stick to either silver or gold.

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