Archival Inspiration

The story behind Silvana starts years ago in the Sheridan Design Studio. This beautiful, hand painted floral artwork was uncovered from our archives and reworked with a fresh, saturated colour palette. This collection highlights our passion for injecting art into everyday life, which has been at the fore from day one.

Silvana's vibrant colours can bring a new sense of energy into the bedroom, while the use of yellow evokes feelings of optimism. This collection is printed on GOTS certified organic cotton, highlighting that there's no need to compromise on beauty when it comes to more sustainable bedding. 

Uncertain on the best approach for styling a floral bed? Our Design Team recommends pairing pops of colour that are featured throughout the artwork. Your desired finish will determine the colours you choose to accentuate. Pops of mango, wisteria and raspberry will create a bright and lively space, while colours like fern, spice and moss will be more grounding. Style with white sheets and accessories for a fresh, contemporary finish.

Be sure to explore texture, however don't layer with too many different textured cushions as this will detract from the artwork's impact in the bedroom.   

Create your bespoke look with this vintage inspired, original print.



9 months ago