Lyona Collection


The Sheridan Design Studio is home to some incredibly talented artists who are responsible for the beautiful artworks seen on our beds and in our decorate collections every season. Art can enter our homes in so many ways, and no matter what form it comes in, it has the power to elevate a space to new heights.

One of our breathtaking art beds for the season, lyona, showcases artisan florals that help us to connect with nature and create a true sense of serenity in the bedroom.

We learned more about the making of the Lyona print from the artist herself, Clare Wallace.

The technique…  

"I used a mixture of Winsor and Newton watercolour and gouache paints. 

The elements were painted individually then scanned in. I then digitally manipulated the elements in photoshop to increase the depth and intensity of the watercolor marks.

I experimented with overlaying and layering the flowers and petals to create a soft ethereal effect,  accentuated by the dark shadowy leaves."

The colour palette...

"I wanted to create a contrast of colour within the print.  I chose to use tones of soft dusty pinks and dirty corals, but have that little hint of an unexpected colour popping through with the chartreuse. I then anchored the whole design with the intensity of dark greens."

The inspiration… 

"The original inspiration behind Lyona came after I visited the Botanic Gardens in Sydney – taking inspiration from the Peonies that were in full bloom."



1 year ago