Bringing colour back with Jasmine Dowling

Jasmine Dowling is a designer, stylist and photographer, known for her signature palette of soft blush tones. She shares with us her tips for styling colour-on-colour two ways.

It is safe to say that monochromatic bedding has held the throne for the past few years, but the tide is finally turning. With major influences from design and fashion, we are now seeing the introduction of colour back into our lives. I am not talking just a pop of colour either, I am talking full colour-on-colour. A vibrant palette looks amazing in the home but can be tricky to pull off, so here are a few things to keep in mind when styling with all-over colour.

My tips for bringing (a lot of) colour back into your bedroom:

Select a mood or theme.

I always find a mood or theme to be the perfect starting point when building my colour palettes. I decided to style these beds using the themes of “Joy” and “Seduction” as my inspiration, using blush as the base colour for both.

To capture the mood of “Joy” I kept the colours light and bright – think pops of spicy turmeric offset with a highlight of soft neutral. I made sure to select warm, golden tones which would not clash with the blush.

My second theme, “Midnight Muse” is based on seduction. To suggest this mood I opted to add inky, jewel tones to deepen and subdue the blush and create a more sophisticated palette.

Invest in your solids.

If you are a more-is-more type, feel free to ignore this step! Otherwise, invest in solid colour for key pieces like quilt covers and sheets. Too much colour and pattern on your base can make styling trickier when adding accessories like pillows, cushions and throws later on.

Layer colour-on-colour.

To create my bright bed, “Joy” I started with a simple block coloured base – the Nashe Quilt Cover and Sheet Set in blush. To intensify the colour, I introduced gold tones with a pair of contrasting Nashe Pillowcases in golden olive, before adding a Parmers rounded cushion in turmeric for a playful finishing touch.

My “Midnight Muse” theme demanded a moodier palette. I kept the same Nashe Quilt Cover Set in blush as the base, but highlighted it with rich, jewel tones instead. Pairing the blush with touches of deep blue helped to add depth. A few Abbotson Linen pillowcases in the new washed indigo colourway were the perfect addition to create this darker colour scheme.

A touch of texture, print or pattern will add that extra dimension to your bedroom styling.

Jasmine Dowling

Add depth with textured or patterned accessories.

A touch of texture, print or pattern to finish will really add that extra dimension to your bedroom styling. Try and keep within the same colour family, and look for items with texture or pattern in accessories like cushions or throws.

I added some subtle texture to my “Joy” bed with the Parmers Cushion, which introduced a different shape to the bed with a lovely fringed detail. To finish, I threw the Iro Breakfast Cushion into the mix as a highlight piece. The neutral tone of this cushion offers a break from all-over colour, while the patterned embroidery and corner tassels add interest.

For “Midnight Muse,” I chose the knitted Haden European Pillowcase in midnight to bring texture and some height variation to the bed. I finished it off with the hand painted Rosslyn Cushion in indigo. It helped to break up the solid colour palette of the bed while adding a hint of bold, abstract print.

I hope my tips give you some inspiration to bring colour back into your bedroom.

Jasmine x

Jasmine is a stylist and letterer, based in Brisbane.