Father’s Day Gift Guide

Dad, Father, Pops, Old Man, Pa, Step-Dad, Brother, Uncle — there are a lot of names for the father figures in our lives, and a dedicated day to celebrate it. This Father’s Day, September 5, is the perfect time to show them how much they mean to you, and how much you appreciate everything they do...and yes, that includes the copious amount of dad jokes they share.

Dad’s deserve the spa treatment, too. Treat him to a truly indulgent towel collection with Luxury Retreat — the name speaks for itself. Crafted from a finely spun Turkish Cotton pile, it offers superior softness and a plush hand-feel. Be warned, your dad may never want to wear anything else again.

Explore our Father’s Day Gift Guide, with something for every Dad ... regardless of what you call them. Personalise your gift to dad, with his initals through our monogramming service.


Say thanks to Dad for all he’s done. Our range of thoughtful gifts will have him feeling spoilt, and they'll last the test of time.

If we could, we’d be giving our dad’s a hug all the time. But since we can’t, the Dideon Robe is the next best thing; plush, comfortable, and perfect for relaxing at home.

Whether he’s reading, resting or watching TV, the Beckers Cushion and Reilly Cushion are cosy companions. Modern yet relaxed, they can be
styled in any space.

For the dad who loves a touch of luxury. The Cyrus Towel Collection will do the trick — crafted from premium quality cotton, with a modern grid

Not only does Dad deserve breakfast in bed, he deserves it to be delivered while he lazes around in comfortable bedding — like our Beachwood Collection.

4 months ago