Holiday Hacks: A Little Too Much Christmas


We all know a certain someone who's renowned for going a little 'over the top' at Christmas time. What do you get the life of the party to reward them for their efforts, once it's finally time to relax? 

We gathered some members of the Sheridan team who admited to being the 'fun one', to find out the best way to recover from an indulgent night out over Christmas. Plus, we asked what each of them hope to receive from Santa this year. 



"My perfect soft landing is to cook up a helping of shakshuka, paired with mimosas for breakfast (or lunch depending on how long I slept in for). Then, I keep the mimosas flowing while I binge watch whatever I fancy, enveloped in my Dalmar throw."

On this year's Christmas wishlist..

"I want Santa to donate to Sleepsafe. I have everything I need from Sheridan and there are people out there who are doing it tough during the holiday season and need the support more than I need a new cushion or eye mask."


Make a donation to SleepSafe this Christmas 




"I wrap myself in my Haden throw and follow in the footsteps of Bridget Jones, by enjoying a relationship with two men simultaneously, the first called Ben, and the other, Jerry. 

On this year's Christmas wishlist..

"An Abbotson quilt cover. I love the relaxed look of linen, it's super low maintenance and doesn’t need a lot of work to look its best! Just like me..."


The Abbotson linen quilt cover in honey.




"I drink an enormous glass of water and then I grab a book and a large iced coffee and run myself a huge bath with epsom salts and essential oils. Gotta sweat out all of last night's Christmas drinks some way, right?"

This year's Christmas wishlist..

"An Everglades Robe! In my delicate state I'll need something soft and comforting to put on after my bath."


The Everglades Robe, crafted in GOTS certified organic cotton



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