SS19 Wall Art- Meet The Sheridan Artist


Kate Borysyuk, Textile Designer

 Kate, who was born in Russia, has lived in Australia for four years, three and a half of which she has been a textile designer in the Sheridan Design Studio. Kate has spent most of her time living by the ocean, which is undoubtedly one of her biggest muses. The beauty Kate sees in nature is special, however it’s her interpretation of her natural surroundings through her art that truly captivates us. 



Tell us about your experience as an artist.

I decided that I wanted to pursue art in high school after moving to a school that was filled with amazing teachers who were very passionate about their work. The teachers were unlike others I’d had who would simply teach techniques. They beamed with excitement and knowledge about art; and they were determined to discover the same qualities within their students.

From there I was hooked.

I then went on to study fashion design at university and worked in the industry for three years after graduating.


What do you love about Australia?

Everything. There’s so little you cannot love about Australia. The weather is so beautiful, the sun is always shining. Australian people reflect this, they’re so warm, friendly and kind.

It took leaving Australia for me to truly realise how in love I was. I left Australia to visit family and friends in Russia, and while I was away, I couldn’t stop thinking about Australia and how it’s where I’m meant to be.

Now, I couldn’t imagine life without the ocean- the thought of moving away from it is terrifying!


What’s your favourite thing to paint or draw?

I enjoy doing small sketches of things I see outdoors; whether it’s the ocean, nature, floral or a landscape.

 I also really love to create artwork for the kids and baby collection at Sheridan. So much character needs to be expressed through simple designs and drawings. The art needs to provoke warm and kind feelings not only for the baby but for the parents too- I love the creative challenge.


      Belmont South Framed Wall Art, $179.95


Belmont South

This artwork is about seeing things from a different perspective. It was captured on a short walk in Nelson Bay. It was a moody, grey day and I found it amazing that this greyness forced the colours to become completely bleached.


Fayette Framed Wall Art, $199.95



During the design retreat we stayed on a massive stretch of empty beach in Hawks Nest in little houses that lined the beach.

In the morning at sunrise, all we could see was the blazing sun. No one else in sight, none of the typical sunrise colours; just this beaming silver light. Everything reflected this first light and took a very pale, silverfish tone. For this piece I just tried to use pencils with strokes in one colour.


Tomaree Framed Wall Art, $179.95    



Tomaree was captured whilst visiting Port Stevens in Nelson Bay. Along the way we’d stop, jump out of the car and just take in what was going on around us. This shot was taken from a different perspective, so much higher than you’d normally view the ocean. From this perspective you see the endless ocean, the swell drifting in from afar. No horizon, no left, right, up or down. We saw a tiny little boat, dolphins- it was quite an amazing moment. A perspective like this gives you a moment to imagine what’s happening beneath the surface, and I think that's something totally unique in everyone's mind.


Wenham Framed Wall Art, $89.95 



Wenham is a loosely drawn flower. It was a beautiful piece of nature that I tried to interpret in my own artistic style.

A lot of the artwork created on our design retreat was made up on the go. We’re all so passionate about our art, drawing and capturing the moment. When a moment appears, I often have to just capture it with what I have in my hands at the time- usually a piece of paper and a pencil.

This piece represents the unconscious flow of art and not thinking or preparing, but just creating art that’s intuitive and from the heart.


Unsure how to add artwork into your living spaces? Learn more from our head designer Bec Burnard with her Tips To Styling Wall Art



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