Styling Pop Colours

Are you searching for new ways to brighten your surroundings this season? Personalise your space and contrast neutral shades with strong, saturated pops of colour. 

Adding colour through soft furnishings and decor is an easy way to add life to your home without having to overcommit to one colour. So, put the paintbrush down and forget about having to convince your partner that a yellow feature wall is a good idea. Make life easy by styling bright accents in colours that not only look good, but will also make you feel good.


Wisteria, lavender, lilac- whatever you prefer to call it, there’s no denying this shade of purple is dreamy. Create a calming environment with pops of wisteria in softly textured cushions. Even just a dash of this hue is said to leave you feeling light hearted and reassured.


If light and bright aren’t descriptive of your personal colour palette, but you’re still focused on finding a shade that’s full of personality; we recommend cobalt. This dynamic shade of blue pairs well with dark interiors. Style with charcoal bedding and furnishings, or monochromatically for a bold bedroom look.


Guaranteed to lift your mood, mango is a tropical tone that’s perfect as a complimentary colour in living rooms or dining rooms. This warmer shade of yellow will energise a neutral space to evoke feelings of honesty, creativity and happiness.

Choose a palette that reflects how you want to feel in your home. Explore our Decorate Collection and find the simplest ways to invite colour into your living spaces this season.

9 months ago