The guide to buying your perfect pillow

We spend one third of our lives sleeping - which for the average person is 25 years - so there's no greater investment than building the perfect foundation for your bed. First up in our buying guide series, we'll help you discover the best pillow for you.

We have filled our pillows with a variety of materials, natural and manmade, with low, medium and high profiles available to suit most types of sleepers.

If you sleep on your stomach opt for a lower, soft profile pillow. If you favour sleeping on your side or back, some neck support is usually needed. When selecting the right pillow, head and neck alignment is most important, so your muscles can relax, offering a comfortable night’s sleep.

Feather & Down

Down is super soft, luxuriously lightweight and easy to shape. It is crafted as a three dimensional cluster which makes it breathable, lifting away perspiration.

Our most opulent pillow in our range is our Deluxe Feather & Down. Featuring a beautiful 50/50 blend of white goose down and feathers, finished with a satin stripe, cotton sateen cover.

For those who enjoy extra support, our Deluxe Feather & Down Latex pillow offers premium support with its latex core. Whilst surrounded by the natural fill of feather and down, this ensures the support does not diminish over time. Comes with removable cover.

To experience softness with a little more support, our Deluxe Feather & Down Surround pillow includes a luxurious 100% white goose feather core, with a surround of 85% white goose down and 15% white goose feather. Comes with removable cover.



Polyester pillows are easy to care for, offer plush support for the head and are available in various levels of firmness. These pillows can be machine-washed and dried, unlike many other types of pillows, and dry relatively quickly.

Luxuriously soft and comfortable with a breathable cotton percale cover, our Ultimate Luxury Twin Pack offers medium support. Filled with 100% polyester featuring an antibacterial treatment, this pack comes with two pillows.

Our Deluxe Dream pillow helps minimise allergies with its high quality, polyester fill and antibacterial treatment. Offering two levels of comfort, in a medium and firm profile, with a 100% cotton percale cover, it’s beautifully soft whilst minimising sensitivities.

Our Ultralux pillow offers lightweight support and long-lasting fullness. Its gusseted construction creates consistent and even comfort whilst its polyester, hypoallergenic fibre fill helps prevent build-up of bacteria.


Latex or Memory Foam

Latex is a natural polymer derived from rubber trees. When latex is used as a pillow filling, it creates a matrix of tiny interconnected bubbles which give it bounce and spring. Long lasting, based on natural material, cooler and lighter than memory foam, latex shapes itself to the head and neck. Latex is soft and supportive, offering effective pressure relief, holds its shape well and is resistant to dust mites.

Memory foam pillows mould to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. It then returns to its original shape once pressure is removed. Memory foam offers support, is soft and smooth without lumps, can be contoured to closely match your head and neck, durable and easy to care for.

For those who prefer a naturally based fill, our Deluxe Latex pillow offers superior support for lasting comfort. Its resilient latex inner feels firm whilst gently moulding to the head and neck.

Our Deluxe Memory Foam pillow has a medium profile with its polyester inner core. Constructed with innovative technologies; Memorelle®’s trademark for shape integrity and Quallofill™ fibrefill, which is soft to touch whilst providing support. Comes with removable cover.

For a blend of feather & down and latex, our Delxue Feather & Down Latex pillow offers premium support with its latex core.

Allergy prone

Whilst comfort and neck alignment is key to finding the right pillow, those prone to allergies need to take into account the fill. We offer a range of pillows with antibacterial treatments, helping to prevent the build up of bacteria and deter any allergy sensitivities.

We offer a selection of pillows to help prevent allergy sensitivities – choose from our Deluxe Feather & Down Latex,  our Ultimate Luxury Twin Pack and our Deluxe Dream pillow.

Once you’ve chosen the right pillow for you, ensure you encase it with a protector to extend the life of your pillow. We offer quilted or plain weave pillow protectors.



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