Tonight Makes Tomorrow - Chris Pang

Australian grown, now Hollywood Actor Chris Pang attributes his recent on-screen success in Crazy Rich Asians to top mental clarity, a strong connection to health and of course, a good night’s rest. Chris is an advocate of understanding his body and allowing time to relax and recharge.

“Sleep is the most important part of my routine, you cannot underestimate the importance of it. The better you prepare, the better you perform.

Going into a project, especially one that involves a lot of physical movement and action, can be very demanding. Mental clarity is probably the most important thing to have on the day. To get into that mind space I like to do meditation to clear my mind, but also one of the most important things is eating properly and sleeping properly.

I’ve had days on set before where I haven’t had enough sleep and I wasn’t able to perform as well as I had wanted. I wasn’t able to bring the depth, and I wasn’t able to think outside the periphery to bring exciting choices into what I was doing, I couldn’t do basic things – I couldn’t remember my lines.”

The son of Wing Chun instructors, Chris credits his parents for teaching him the form of Southern Chinese Martial Art. The discipline of Wing Chun combined with a good night’s sleep, enable him to mentally and physically prepare for demanding roles, including his upcoming film Charlie’s Angels.

"Martial arts teaches you a lot more than just physical movements. It’s not only the techniques to fight, but it’s also a healthy way of living that teaches you a lot of respect. There’s an entire philosophy behind the art, and that makes it really beautiful to learn."

Chris Pang sleeps in our 1000TC Hotel Luxury Sheet Set

My discipline doesn't stop when the lights go out. Sleep is such an important ingredient of my routine.

How does Chris prepare in the build-up to an important day? He applies the same level of discipline to his sleep routine.

“I'll have some essential oils going in my room and avoid technology "blue light" to prep for bed. Sheets make a difference. You know that feeling when you flop into bed and you have the warm feeling of it hugging you like you’re in a cloud and it’s the most comfortable thing you’ve ever experienced? That makes a difference to your sleep.

It's not just the length of time spent sleeping but the quality of it. The quality of your sleep tonight makes tomorrow.”

Prepare now and perform tomorrow. Read our buying guide to find the sheets that fit best with your lifestyle.   



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