Tonight Makes Tomorrow - Otis Carey

Indigenous artist and surfer Otis Carey switches his phone off at 6pm, leaving it in the kitchen drawer, before prioritising family time with son Lenny, so he can rise early to surf.

I prepare for tomorrow by switching off my phone, having cuddles with my family and a nice big sleep. I like to visualise the day ahead. I lay in bed with my little family and plan out how I’m going to attack tomorrow. If I set small goals to achieve over the duration of the day I find it really motivating.

I think people forget how important sleep is. Especially for people like me who get up for a surf really early.

Luckily for us Lenny is usually a pretty good sleeper. In saying that, there definitely is some sleepless nights during the week. I’m also fortunate enough to be home 24/7 when I’m not traveling with work, so I tend to nap during the day when bubbuh naps, that always helps! But I sure do miss 6-8 hour sleeps!

What makes a good night’s sleep for me is a nice warm shower before bed and definitely some nice and comfy bed sheets. A good pillow goes a very long way too! 

Otis Carey sleeps in our Reilly Sheet Set

Fulfilling my tomorrow means happiness. Even if I don’t get everything done in my day that I hoped and planned for.

As long as I can snuggle up to my little family in my cute little nest then that’s my day fulfilled, that’s my happiness.

What drives me the most, first and foremost is my family. I want to make them proud and show them the greatest I can be. To me, a good night’s sleep is going to bed happy and waking up happy. If I go to bed after 9.30/10pm I’m sluggish the first half of the day. I need my sleep.

The secret to success is not take everything too seriously, to really be in the moment and enjoy what you’re doing and who you are in the present.


 See more on Otis Carey here


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