Tonight Makes Tomorrow - Steph Claire Smith

Fitness entrepreneur, co-founder of Soda Shades, Midnight Co and Keep It Cleaner, Steph Claire Smith understands how important sleep is to have a successful tomorrow.

Getting a good sleep is vital if I want to wake up with enough energy to motivate myself to work out! If I haven’t had a good sleep, I’ll either have a rest day or opt to work out in the afternoon. Morning workouts are my favourite, so I try to make sure I get a decent eight-hour sleep every night.

Our bodies need that time to rest and recover, particularly if you’re pushing yourself hard at the gym! And without proper rest, it’s hard to have the energy and motivation to work out. 

Quality sheets never seemed important to me as a teen, because I didn’t like going to sleep, I wanted to stay up all night. Now that sleep is important to me, having the right sheets makes a massive difference! If I’m traveling and sleeping in hotel beds or Airbnb’s and I get into a bed with average sheets, I know I’m going to have an average sleep. There’s nothing better than getting into a bed with good sheets! 

Now that sleep is important to me, having the right sheets make a massive difference!

Steph Claire Smith sleeps in our Abbotson Linen Collection

My passion and determination are the keys to my success. For me, setting smaller goals is a way to get to the bigger goals. Taking things slowly and celebrating the little wins is a good way to motivate you to reach your bigger goals.

My night time rituals include, putting my diffuser on with some lavender essential oils, or a nice scented candle while I sip away at a peppermint tea and chat to my boyfriend. I also like to lay out my active wear beside my bed so that it’s the first thing I see in the morning, it keeps me motivated to get up and workout.

Other than getting a good sleep, when I know I’ve got a lot on, I like to write a to-do list the night before. So that in the morning I have a list to follow and I get everything I need to get done that day.



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