Winter Essentials

And just like that… summer is done and dusted for another year. Sending the beach towels to the back of the linen cupboard can be a little daunting, but their replacements will bring a different kind of joy to your life at home. 

The best way to appreciate cold nights and crisp winter mornings is with essentials that will keep you cosy and comfortable throughout the season. Discover our top recommendations.

Flannelette Sheets

If flannelette sheets aren’t the first thing that pop into your mind when you hear the word ‘winter’, then it’s time to change that. Climbing between the soft, brushed cotton of flannelette sheets is one of the most gratifying parts of winter. Warm, cosy and breathable; there’s no better way to drift off each night.

Australian Wool 

Wool is highly insulating, naturally breathable and reactive to changes in body temperature. This helps us to stay comfortable no matter the season, and is especially useful between seasons when temperatures tend to fluctuate. Wool has the ability to draw moisture away from the body and will help to keep you warm and dry during colder months. Choose from wool quilts, underlays, blankets and throws to use throughout your home over winter.

A Plush Bathrobe

There’s no easy way to end a warm shower or bath in winter, but you can certainly make the dash to dry land a lot more comfortable with a plush bathrobe. Soft, absorbent and warm; once you’ve discovered the beauty of a bathrobe, you’ll never live without one. This season, we have an extensive selection of bathrobes with something to suit everyone and every fibre preference.

A Cosy Throw

Complete the perfect night in with a cosy throw to curl up with on the couch. The hardest part is deciding on the perfect throw to keep you comfortable this winter. Choose from the natural softness of wool, the indulgent warmth of premium faux fur or something lightweight and breathable like cotton.

Blankets for the Nursery 

Keep your little one warm with a beautifully crafted baby blanket. Our Baby Collection includes a variety of blankets that are great for the cot or pram. Easy care and long lasting, the blanket you buy for your little one this winter will last a lifetime.  

Go forth in your winter preparation and embrace the cooler weather. Explore our Autumn/ Winter ‘21 Collection to find your essentials for this season.

7 months ago