Quilts Buying Guide Quilts Buying Guide

Types of Fills

Cotton Cotton
Crafted with natural fibres, our cotton quilts are breathable and draw moisture away from the body.
Wool Wool
Suitable for all seasons, our wool quilts are offered in different weights and are temperature regulating.

Feather & Down

Feather & Down
Feather & Down
A natural fill, our Feather & Down quilts are breathable, luxuriously lightweight yet warm and cosy.

Find your Perfect Quilt

All seasons sleeping All seasons sleeping
All seasons sleeping
Our lightweight Feather & Down and All Season’s Wool Quilts are suitable for all year-round use.
Allergy prone Allergy prone
Allergy prone
Our polyester fibre quilts feature antibacterial treatments and provide maximum loft and fullness.

 For the winter months  For the winter months
For the winter months
Our Feather & Down and heavy-weighted wool quilts will keep you cosy and warm for winter.
For the summer months For the summer months
For the summer months
Our wool blend and cotton quilts are lightweight, breathable and draw moisture away from the body.

Feather & Down Supply Chain

When sourcing feather & down our suppliers must take reasonable steps to ensure that the down and feathers used are a by-product of the food chain. Feather or down obtained by live plucking of birds is not permitted for use in Sheridan products.

Care Guide

We have spent many years of quality testing to understand how a product performs in actual day to day use, which in turn helps us to develop care instructions that will achieve the best longevity of our products.

We recommend following the care instructions on your quilt labels, however we have put together a few things to remember to ensure your quilts stay beautiful for years to come.

Feather & Down Fill

Dry clean only for our feather and down quilts. Air dry regularly between laundering.

Cotton Fill

Wash before first use. Warm gentle machine wash using a mild detergent. Avoid using optical brighteners except on whites. Do not bleach. Pull into shape while wet and line dry over several lines. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Dry cleanable.

Wool Fill

We have both machine washable wool and dry clean only wool. Please refer to care instructions on your quilt.

Polyester Fill

For quilts, warm machine wash using a gentle cycle with a mild or eucalyptus-based detergent. Line dry over several lines without delay. Do not bleach, soak or wring.

Quilt Sizing Guide

Single 140cm x 210cm
Double 180cm x 210cm
Queen 210cm x 210cm
King 240cm x 210cm
Super King 270cm x 240cm
Kids Single 140cm x 210cm
Kids Double 180cm x 210cm

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