Pillows Buying Guide Pillows Buying Guide

Simple Tips

Stomach Sleeper Stomach Sleeper
If you sleep on your stomach, opt for a lower, soft profile pillow
Side or back sleeper Side or back sleeper
If you favour sleeping on your side or back, some neck support is usually needed
Type of mattress Type of mattress
Consider the type of mattress you have to complement your pillow

Types of Fills

Feather & down Feather & down
Feather & Down

Super soft, lightweight & easy to shape

Crafted as a three-dimensional cluster

Breathable & lifts away perspiration

A natural choice in luxury bedding
Latex Latex

Soft & supportive with pressure relief

Holds shape well & resistant to dust mites

Natural material derived from rubber trees

Durability & natural breathability

Memory Foam

Memory Foam
Memory Foam

Conforms to your head & neck

Promotes correct spinal alignment

Pillow slowly rebounds after each use

Helps sleeper ease back into position

Find your perfect pillow

Hot sleepers Hot sleepers
Hot sleepers
Select from Feather & Down, Latex or our Therapillo™ Memory Foam Pillow with a cooling gel top.
Natural fills Natural fills
Natural fills
Natural fibres such as Latex or Feather & Down offer breathability and lift away perspiration when sleeping.

Allergy sufferers Allergy sufferers
Allergy sufferers
Choose from our range of memory fibre pillows that have an in-built antibacterial treatment.
Ultimate support Ultimate support
Ultimate support
Memory Foam allows the neck and shoulder muscles to relax, evenly distributes body weight and soothes pressure points.

Feather & Down Supply Chain

When sourcing feather & down our suppliers must take reasonable steps to ensure that the down and feathers used are a by-product of the food chain. Feather or down obtained by live plucking of birds is not permitted for use in Sheridan products.

Care Guide

As our pillows vary between fills and covers, we recommend referring to individual pillow labels for care instructions.

Pillow Sizing Guide

Standard 48cm x 73cm
King 48cm x 87cm
European 65cm x 65cm
Kids 46cm x 66cm

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