Sheridan Affiliate Program

Sheridan Affiliate Program

Sheridan Affiliate Program


Sheridan has been creating premium quality home and lifestyle products for over 50 years, loved as an icon of distinctly Australian style. Devoted to quality, craftsmanship and artistry, every piece has been expertly crafted to the highest quality standards by our in-house team of artists, master weavers and designers in the Sydney Design Studio. Inspired by our unique Australian landscape, we passionately create beautiful Australian living each season across our bedding, bathroom, homewares, loungewear and baby collections.

How does it work?

As a member of our affiliate program, you can earn commission whenever your visitors make a purchase from Sheridan online. You can easily start earning commission by applying to be an affiliate through our partner network, Rakuten Advertising.

Why join?

Aside from joining one of Australia’s most reputable brands, there's additional benefits you’ll receive as a Sheridan affiliate: Joining: It's free to join!

  • Earn 8% commission per sale generated.
  • A range of fresh static and dynamic banners, updated regularly.
  • Cookie length 30 days
  • Product feed updated every 24 hours with our full product range, new products added weekly.

How do I join?

If you have a blog or website, that's a great start! We're looking for inspiring and interesting websites to join our affiliate program. Unfortunately, not all websites are trustworthy and as a result, we need to run a few checks first before approving an affiliate. Please be sure to review the terms & conditions before applying.

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