Our Story

“The uniquely Australian spirit of Sheridan is in its quality, its craft and its artistry. Fifty years later we still remain true to the values of our founder, Claudio Alcorso.”

- Paul Gould, Group General Manager

Loved as an icon of distinctly Australian style, Sheridan has been the destination for beautiful living for more than 50 years.

Made from only the finest raw materials, Sheridan’s exceptional home and lifestyle products are distinguished by their quality craftmanship and artistry. Each piece is crafted to the highest standards by our Sydney Design Studio’s team of artists, master weavers, and designers. Inspired by our unique Australian landscape, we passionately create beautiful new pieces each season that bring tonal and textural subtlety to the home.

Our Founder

“A desire to introduce creative thought and beauty into the everyday things of life.”

‐ Claudio Alcorso, Founder Visionary entrepreneur.

Claudio Alcorso founded Sheridan in 1967. As a boy working in the family textile printing business in Italy, Claudio acquired an extensive knowledge of textiles. When he migrated to Australia, he brought an understanding of the importance of quality and a passion for art and beauty. Claudio believed that art belonged everywhere, not just on gallery walls.

Passionate about Australian art and culture, Claudio’s contributions helped to shape modern-day Australia. Whether it was collaborating with renowned artists in the 1940’s, becoming a founding member of the Australian Opera, or helping to pioneer Tasmania’s wine industry, Claudio was a key contributor to the history of this country.

Seeing a fresh, vital beauty in Australia, Claudio sought to bring art into the home, combining the inspirational with everyday living.

His vision to “introduce creative thought and beauty into the everyday things of life” still holds true for Sheridan today, guiding us in everything we do.

Our Quality

“At Sheridan we have been crafting the finest quality since 1967.”

- Yvonne Carbone, Global Quality Control Manager

At Sheridan, quality is our obsession. Commencing with design and fabric selection, and continuing through to production, every piece in our range is crafted with an uncompromising approach to meeting the highest quality standards, regardless of thread count or price.

Since our founding, quality has been an integral part of our DNA. And because we design our products to last — and last beautifully — they are often passed from one generation to the next.

Feel the Sheridan Difference

Feel the Sheridan Difference

With the quality built-in, you only have to consider how the product feels, when buying Sheridan.

Our Design Studio

“It’s a rare privilege to have the in-house capability and talent to paint and draw by hand. The Sheridan Sydney Design Studio is a creative hub for our artists and designers, who continue our founder Claudio Alcorso’s legacy by bringing art into everyday living in every design we create”

- Jo Ross, GM of Design

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 Who our partners are:

Qantas, Planet Ark, Street Smart and Dovecote

“As we embark on our 50th year of creating Beautiful Australian Living, Sheridan is proud to announce our partnership with another iconic Australian brand, Qantas. Sheridan has designed the ultimate sleep experience exclusively for Qantas First Suites, providing their entire luxury bedding ensemble. The bespoke range features contemporary designs crafted from the finest natural fibres and is available now on international A380 services.

Established in 1992, Planet Ark is one of Australia's most respected and trusted environmental organisations. Focused on solutions and making positive environmental actions accessible to everyone, Sheridan is an official sponsor of the Schools Recycle Right Challenge.

In 2003, Adam Robinson set up StreetSmart Australia, based on a UK organisation of the same name. He wanted to simultaneously break down inaccurate prejudices about homelessness, raise vital funds for important smaller, local organisations and help connect them to their community. By adopting a philosophy that privileges locality — donations are fed back into projects as close to where they are raised as possible. StreetSmart operates at a local, grassroots level to fund critical services. Sheridan has partnered with StreetSmart to create the SleepSafe initiative.

Together with StreetSmart, we’re helping to provide the comforts of home to those in need.

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Entering its fourth year of operation, award-winning accommodation Dovecote cements its partnership with the beloved home and lifestyle brand, appointing Sheridan as the exclusive bedlinen and homewares supplier to its properties. Located on the east coast 90 minutes south of Sydney, on 150 acres of oceanfront farmland, Dovecote boasts two immaculate properties — The Headland and The Range.