What is thread count?

For many of us, thread count can be a little confusing. Is a high number always good? Does it guarantee sheet strength and softness? Does it guarantee quality? There’s a common misconception that a high thread count guarantees quality. It's actually just one part of the formulation. Thread count is merely a measure of sheet weight. It’s more important to look at the quality of the thread, the quality and size of the yarn fibres and the way a sheet is finished.

At Sheridan, we start by creating our sheeting using the most premium long staple cottons – which is what sets us apart. Our philosophy is to trust your skin to choose the feel you love, regardless of thread count. *Sheridan thread count is calculated per 10cm²

Choosing your Fabric


400tc Organic Cotton Sateen – Soft & smooth

Our 400tc sateen sheet set is thoughtfully crafted from fibre to finish with GOTS certified organic cotton. Silky smooth and incredibly soft, our sateen sheets are soft to touch with a beautiful drape and sheen.

300tc Organic Cotton Percale – Crisp & lightweight

Crisp, lightweight and soft against the skin; our 300 thread count Organic Cotton Percale sheets are perfect for year round comfort. Beautifully crafted with GOTS certified organic cotton for a quality, long-lasting finish that’s better for you and the environment.

Sateen – silky & indulgent

Crafted using 100% cotton, sateen sheets typically offer a higher thread count, giving them a beautiful sheen finish. In comparison to percale, sateen sheets are slightly heavier and more tightly woven.
Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton – Soft & lightweight

Perfect for all season use, Egyptian cotton works to retain body heat during the cooler seasons whilst feeling lightweight on the skin.

Tencel® – sustainably soft

Eco-friendly Tencel® has a reputation for sustainability, relying on very minimal water usage during production. With a silky-smooth feel, beautiful sheen and relaxed, draped look, it’s more gentle than regular cotton and wool, reducing the likelihood of irritation. Highly breathable and temperature regulating.

Cotton – light & effortless

The epitome of undone luxury, our Nashe Sheet Set has been intensively stonewashed to create a worn in effect that’s effortlessly comfortable.
Washed chambray

Washed chambray – Cosy and lived in

Our Reilly Sheet Set is crafted using vintage washed chambray, creating a cosy and soft feel. With no need to iron, a simple tumble dry complements the chambray tousled look.

Linen – softer with each wash

Crafted using 100% Belgian linen fibres, our Abbotson Linen Collection softens after each wash and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Types of Weaves

A few of our favourites are sateen and plain weaves, but what do these actually mean?


Luxuriously soft and silky to touch, this weave is all about the hand-feel and sheen finish. The weaving technique improves the fabric strength by 25%, making it a durable option whilst not losing its beautiful lustre finish.


Our plain weaves are a simple craft, with its appearance typically the same on the front and reverse. It creates a soft hand feel, durability and exceptionally low pilling.

Care Instructions

With your sheeting and bedding in constant use, it’s important to take care of them so they last longer and ensure you have a comfortable sleep night after night. The good news is, all our bed linen is easy care. Our entire bed linen collection can be tumble dried, perfect for busy lifestyles. To get the best results, follow the care instructions on product labels. However, as a general rule, we have put together a few things to remember when caring for your bed linen.

Wash your sheets weekly.

Reduce wear and tear by alternating your sheets for a fresh set once a week to ensure your sheets last longer.

Avoid using bleach. Bleach tends to be too harsh on cottons and natural fibres and is damaging to the colour and texture of your pieces.

Optical brighteners are safe for use on whites, but we don’t recommend ever using them on coloured materials.

A warm, gentle machine wash is the optimum laundry temperature to clean your linen and ensure all dirt is removed. Always read the care label though as there is often an exception to the rule!

If tumble drying your sheets, pop them onto the bed whilst still warm so the wrinkles smooth themselves out.

Make sure your bedlinen is completely dry before storing in your linen closet to prevent any dampness and mildew.

Keep your linen closet cool and dry. Damp closets result in mouldy sheets!

Sheet Sizing Guide

The last step in buying the perfect sheet is buying the right size. Know your bed size and the depth of your mattress as we offer variations to ensure you find the perfect fit.

Single 91cm x 190cm x 40-50cm
King Single 107cm x 203cm x 40-50cm
Double 137cm x 190cm x 40-50cm
Queen 152cm x 203cm x 40-50cm
King 180cm x 203cm x 40-50cm
Super King 203cm x 203cm x 50cm
Standard 50cm x 75cm
Euro 65cm x 65cm
Sham 50cm x 75cm
King 53cm x 89cm
Single 180cm x 260cm
King Single 200cm x 260cm
Double 230cm x 260cm
Queen 245cm x 260cm
King 275cm x 260cm
Super King 320cm x 270cm

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