Caring for your quilt

Spending so much of our time in bed, it is important the quilt we have feels beautiful wash after wash.

While Sheridan quilts have been engineered to an exceptionally high standard, there are simple things you can do to keep your quilt in the best shape possible.


Always follow the care instructions on product labels, as some materials require dry cleaning, whilst others are machine washable.

Your quilt should be washed at least twice per year.

Place your quilt in direct sunlight every month to allow it to air. The sun is a natural antibacterial agent which will keep your quilt hygienic and fresh, assisting to kill germs in between laundering.

As you change your quilt seasonally, place your quilt in a sealed bag so it stays fresh. The original packaging of your Sheridan products is ideal for storage. We recommend leaving the zip slightly open to enable air to circulate while your quilt is stored.