Caring For Your Cotton


A large proportion of the products we create are crafted using 100% premium cotton. Cotton is one of the oldest and most widely used fibres around the world, known to be durable, lasting and natural.  Cotton is available in a range of staple (fibre) lengths: short, medium, and long. The longer the staple length, the better quality cotton you can expect. We use Egyptian and Supima cottons, which are regarded as two of the most premium cottons available globally.


Why do we love cotton so much?

Cotton is a natural fibre, making it breathable for sleeping in. Cotton is highly durable, guaranteed to last and last. Cotton is absorbent, making it perfect for sleeping in as our bodies rejuvenate in our sleep. Cotton is comfortable and soft. It simply feels beautiful to sleep in and is soft against our skin.


While our cotton has been engineered to an exceptionally high standard, there are simple things you can do to keep your cotton beautiful for longer.



- Always follow the care instructions on product labels.

- Wash your cotton sheets separately before first use.

- Turn sheets inside out before putting into the washing machine.

- Use a mild detergent and wait until it is fully diluted in the water before putting items in the washing machine, as undiluted detergents can cause staining on the fabric. Read the amount recommended on the laundry liquid bottle or box to determine how much to use. Sheridan recommends to use a detergent that is free from Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs). This is a very common ingredient in most of the detergents and is great for keeping whites white, however can also weaken and discolour certain fabric fibres. We recommend using a eucalyptus based detergent such as wool wash which you can find in your local supermarket.

- For stains, try to not strenuously scrub the stain away, but rather to gently soak, wash or blot it out, this process can be repeated until optimum results are obtained. When a fabric comes in contact with bleach or benzoyl peroxide it will permanently stain/discolour. If the discolouration is a green hue it is due to bleach and if it is an orange hue then it is due to peroxide exposure. As these ingredients are known to be in certain skin and acne treatments, we recommend you be aware of the potential staining and take necessary precautions to avoid permanently damaging your linen.

- This product should be laundered using a gentle machine wash at 40 degrees. The warm water temperature setting is more effective at removing dirt and natural body oils and more importantly in removing chemical residue of the detergents from the fabric.

- Air drying is best for the longevity of this item, but can sometimes leave the fabric feeling a bit stiff to the touch. If you plan to air dry, 10-12 minutes on medium heat in the dryer before you hang them out to dry helps to re-orient the fibres after washing and leaves a soft finish on the surface of the fabric.

- Always ensure your item is completely dry before storing to prevent any dampness and mildew.

- If you do choose to iron your item, we recommend that you use your iron on a warm setting and iron on the reverse side if there is a print or design on the item. Please also avoid any studs, buttons or decorative panels.