How to Style Naves for a Sunny Summer Bedroom

Long lazy days that drift into beautiful, lingering nights. The strong smell of the salty sea in the air, or the distinctive scent of chlorine from the local pool — mixed in with the classic smell of slathered-on sunscreen. Mango, watermelon and pineapple juice dripping down your chin onto your swimwear. Picnics held in the backyard or park, parked under the cool shade of a tree. All tell-tale signs that summer is on its way.

Even the fabrics we reach for change. Long gone are the knits and the jeans, and out come the linens and the lightweight cottons. Boots are replaced by flip-flops, beanies by wide-brimmed hats. Changing our beddings is a sign that summer is here — people want to keep cool during balmy summer nights.

With Naves, you won’t have to dream of summer — it’ll come to you. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, it feels like your favourite, sheer floaty summer outfit, and is reminiscent of the soft dappled light that filters through the trees. In optimistic shades of yellow (something we all need after the year we’ve had), you can bask in its warm, sunny colours. The softly textured design with a unique washed finish, features a small scale foliage print in a saturated colour palette, bringing sun-drenched days into your bedroom year-round.




Soft, lightweight and easy to style, combine the seasonal tones of Naves with crisp whites.

Introduce contrasting textures in complementary colours to your bed: smooth Supersoft Lyocell Linen sheets or our paisley quilted Dalbury Bedcover.

Relaxed linen loungewear, like our Abbotson Collection, can take you from bed to beach and back again just make sure to mind the sand.

Shades of sunshine are incorporated through our range of cushions, like Beechwood and Aurelea.

Clouds floating softly against the blue summer sky have nothing on these playful textured cushions, like Dalbury and Naville.