One Bedroom, Three Different Ways: Styling The Sheridan Kids Collection

When it comes to adults and their bedroom style, it seems there are set rules that must be followed. Sometimes, that results in uniform bedroom styling within the one home — visit a friend or family member, and they may have succumbed to the same set of rules.

But when it comes to kids bedrooms, the rulebook gets thrown out the window, and imagination reigns supreme. As a parent, you have the opportunity to let your child’s unique personality truly shine, in a space that’s all their own. Bring in your little one’s sense of playfulness, joy, a place that will evoke happy memories; ones they’ll cherish for years to come.

At Sheridan, we’re all for fun kids room ideas. In fact, we encourage them. Our Kids Collection has been created for home and play; giving your child the opportunity to create a space to sleep, dream, grow and play. 

We know the need for function along with styling that leans towards irreverence (especially if your kid is leading the styling!), which is why our Kids Collection is crafted from beautiful and long-lasting fabrics, soft and soothing against your little one while they sleep (or read, or jump on, or hold tea parties on...the list goes on and on).

At the end of the day, your kid’s bedding, and their bedroom, need to be liveable, but we want to make sure it’s loveable too.

We’ve got bold colours in unexpected combinations, lively twists on classic checks and stripes. Mixing charming, naive designs with playful patterns and motifs. At Sheridan, we threw out the traditional bedroom style rulebook, too.

We know that it’s bad to play favourites — which is why we didn’t with our Kids Collection. When it comes to our kid’s quilt cover sets, we love all of them equally. This is why, without further ado, we’re introducing you to three from our collection at once. You’re welcome to play favourite, or mix and match to your hearts desire. There are no rules here!






look 1 fruit salad

Your child may not eat as much fruit as you encourage them to, but hopefully, this quilt cover will help! It’s easy to style a happy place for your child to sleep, with our Fruit Salad quilt cover — crafted from organic cotton. 

Playful fruits, flowers and foliage, created by the Sheridan Design Studio, dance across the quilt cover, in a vibrant colour palette. Our Papaya Half Cushion fits the theme here; the smiling Sonnie cushion or eclectic Terry Tuff offering also work.

If you want to make the fruity style stand out, pair it with plain dye sheets, or pick a check, spot or stripe for something a little more surprising. 





look 2  pye

Has your little one got big dreams of being an astronaut, flying into space? Maybe an engineer, crafting the rocket that gets them there? Or, perhaps, they’ve just got their head in the clouds.

Either way, our Pye quilt cover can help them create a unique... space (get it?), with the tongue-in-cheek star artwork that patterns the front. The design was created by our Design Studio, and also features a printed stripe reverse — a fun contrast, that offers a plethora of styling ideas for your kids’ bedroom. It’s also crafted in a soft and relaxed organic cotton chambray, a perfect launching pad for blasting into space (they’ll be back by dinner, we promise!). 

You can create a personalised look that’s suited perfectly to your child; play with colours, prints and textures across sheets and accessories.






look 3 daisies

Whether your child fancies themselves as an enchanted woodland creature, or maybe they just have a green thumb, the Daisies quilt cover is reminiscent of lighthearted summer days. Crafted from organic cotton, sweet daisies are embroidered across the face in a motif, and the reverse offers a printed pinstripe design. 

Twice as nice, you’ll come up with endless ideas on how to style the bedroom with this bedding set — all fun. Think contrasting colours, textured layers, juxtaposed patterns, like our Picnic Check sheets in a sunny summer shade, or Spotty Frill in classic colours, with playful spots.

There’s no such thing as too much fun when it comes to your kid’s bedroom, so dream up as many styling ideas as possible, and see what you and your little one create together!


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