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How to Care For Your Abbotson Linen

A crowd favourite, there’s no shortage of reasons to love our Abbotson Linen Collection. Crafted from Belgian flax linen, Abbotson is cosy in winter and breathable in summer, holds colour beautifully, and continues to soften with age — and proper care. We’ve put together this quick care guide so you can get the most out of your Abbotson Linen bedding. 

How Often to Wash 

To maintain optimum hygiene and freshness, it’s recommended to wash your sheets once a week. If a weekly wash isn’t possible, aim for at least one wash every two weeks.

For easy care, all Sheridan bed linen can be machine washed — this includes our Abbotson Linen.

Wash Cycles 

To help your linen last beautifully, it’s important to protect the fibres throughout the washing process. Start by washing your Abbotson Linen separately to avoid overcrowding the machine — this will also help to ensure a more even wash.

Choose a warm, gentle wash cycle at around 40 degrees Celsius. The slow cycle and warm temperature will help remove any build-up of dirt and natural body oils, as well as chemical residue from detergents. 


Use a mild detergent and wait until it is fully diluted in the water before putting sheets in the washing machine. Follow the amount recommended on the laundry liquid bottle or box to determine how much to use.

We recommend using a eucalyptus-based detergent such as wool wash. When choosing your detergent, look for one that is free from Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs). This is a very common ingredient in most detergents and is great for keeping whites white, however can also weaken and discolour certain fabric fibres. 

Close-up of Abbotson Linen sheets in the colour flaxClose-up of Abbotson Linen sheets in the colour flax
Close-up of Abbotson Linen sheets in the colour flaxClose-up of Abbotson Linen sheets in the colour flax


Air drying is best for the longevity of your linen sheets but can sometimes leave the linen feeling a bit stiff to the touch. If you plan to air dry the sheets, 10-12 minutes on medium heat in the dryer before you hang them out to dry helps to re-orient the fibres after washing and leaves a soft finish on the surface of the fabric.

When drying linen sheets in the dryer, be careful not to overload the machine. Drying items in smaller loads allows for even drying of your sheets. Dry your items, in small batches, for no longer than 20 minutes on the low or medium heat setting.

Remember: linen dries much faster than cotton. Avoid over drying your linen sheets, as this will weaken their natural fibres and potentially cause them to deteriorate.

Remove the sheets from the dryer while they are still slightly damp. Spread them out neatly on the bed or hang them over a railing or shower curtain rod to finish air-drying. Gravity will do the work of eliminating nearly all wrinkles. The cool, gentle flutter of a ceiling fan is also great for the final stage of drying.

Please always ensure your bedlinen is completely dry before storing in your linen closet to prevent any dampness and mildew. 


Your Abbotson Linen can be ironed. It’s best to iron your linen while it’s still slightly damp. If your sheets have dried completely before ironing, you can dampen them slightly with a water spray. 

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