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The Australian fashion scene is bursting at the seams with character. So much so, that it takes someone truly unique to emerge as a dominant figure within the progressive space.

Respected for her ability to set trends that don’t come at a cost to the Earth, Ilkin Kurt is a modern style icon. Ilkin has a deep appreciation for vintage fashion and homewares, styling her reality through pieces that tell a story. 

A background in fashion and a lifetime of travel has landed the Turkish-born fashion buyer on Australian shores, now renowned as one of the most influential fashion figures in the country.

To welcome the Autumn/Winter ‘20 season, we styled Ilkin's Sydney apartment with our new season collection; taking an eclectic, yet carefully curated approach. Ilkin enlightens us on how to pair the old with the new to build perfect balance in the home.





Raised amongst a family of artisans, there’s no denying Ilkin’s eye for style emerged from an upbringing rich in culture and prolific experiences. 

“I grew up with artisan people. My Mother and Aunty both paint, my Father was a Turkish literature teacher who wrote poetry and books that were published. My Grandmother was a great cook and tailor and my Grandfather was a shoe maker. I came from a very arty house.

Turkish families are very close and I grew up in a family where everyone was more than a family, we were all friends with each other. My Mum is my best friend, my Grandmother is my best friend and my Father also. We grew up in a beautiful community where everyone loved each other.”



From left: Carellas breakfast cushion in seaweed, Trentham cushion in maize, Palmers Bay cushion in tabac, Newcomb cushion in camel, Elbury cushion in tabac & Haden throw in lichen


When it comes to styling her home, Ilkin embraces simplicity whilst honouring her heritage to create a space that’s contemporary, yet nostalgic.  

“I find I’m in the middle with ‘less is more’ and ‘more is more’. I come from Turkey where the culture is so rich. The rocks, the velvet, big bold curtains, antiques, textures. My Grandparents have a really big, beautiful house that’s over 600 years old. The ceilings are beautifully curved with wood and different textures, and each room is painted differently. The North East room is called the ‘Butterfly Room’- the walls are completely painted with butterflies.

This is the environment I grew up in, so seeing that and breathing that air makes it quite hard to be minimal. For example, even though I have this simple grey couch that’s quite minimal, I have to cover it in interesting cushions so I can balance my heritage, my art and my culture.”



  The Haden chunky knit cushion in lichen, styled with Ilkin's vintage armchair


I still value beautiful things and I love to purchase things that are made with beautiful intentions. 


Finding furniture in a vintage store can feel like finding a needle in a haystack for the inexperienced. Ilkin swears by gathering inspiration, feeling the fabric and trusting your instinct to build your own look, rather than duplicating someone else’s. 

“You have to let it come naturally. Sometimes I like everything together, sometimes I hate it - it just changes all the time. I love to buy vintage because it’s sustainable and I love to think about who owned it before me and the kind of life they had. Most of the things I've collected have a story. 

I saw this arm chair on the side of the road and I knew I had to have it. I didn’t care if it was going to fit or if it was going to look nice in my home, but I knew it had character."



“I still value beautiful things and I love to purchase things that are made with beautiful intentions.

For instance, this tray is something that I truly treasure. It’s a piece of my Grandmother’s wedding dress with an embroidery she did. My Grandfather had it made into this beautiful piece so I could keep it. It reminds me of the admirable love my grandparents have for each other.”


The Dunleigh & Houlby quilt covers styled with the Carellas breakfast cushion in camel & the Ervine cushion in carbon


Constantly on the go, Ilkin cherishes the moments spent at home in her favourite spaces. 

“I love my living room because it’s combined with the kitchen and food is very important to me. We have really beautifully lighting through here and it’s also nice when it rains. It’s quite melancholy and I love that, so I put on a record and just enjoy the moment. I also love my room. It’s small, but it’s cosy and I have this beautiful glass door so I can lay in bed and look out at the greenery.”



The Haden chunky knit throw in lichen




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