Sheridan Rated No.1 For Bed Linen & Towels
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It’s time to celebrate the products you love most! The Canstar Blue 2020 results are in and Sheridan has received the Most Satisfied Customers Award for both bed linen and towels. We are the only homewares brand to receive five stars for overall customer satisfaction, as well as durability, absorbency, comfort and softness, fit and ease of clean.



Five Star Bed Linen

Canstar Blue collated feedback from Australians nationwide on the quilt covers, sheet sets and pillowcases they have purchased and used in the last two years. Our bed linen collection ranked highest against all other brands and we received five stars for durability, comfort and softness, fit, ease of clean and overall customer satisfaction. 



Five Star Towels

We've also landed the title of Australia's favourite brand for bath towels, rating five stars for softness, durability, absorbency and overall customer satisfaction. Bath towels, hand towels and face towels were compared amongst Australians and we ranked highest across all categories.



What is Canstar Blue?

Canstar Blue was established in 2010 as a consumer review and comparison website. Their objective is to empower consumers to make better, more informed decisions when it comes to investing in new products.

The Canstar Blue team gathers information from Australian consumers about their personal experiences with certain products and services. They then undertake comparative research across 800 brands in 100 different categories to deliver unbiased ratings to Australian shoppers.

Canstar Blue awards are a great way for customers to find the best products amongst the brands listed in each category. 



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