Colour Crush


Plum & evergreen. Two colours we simply cannot get enough of this season. Our homes have become our safe haven and it’s time to inject colours that resonate with how we want to feel.

Whether you want to create a sense of serenity, gratitude, optimism or love; these rich shades will set the tone for a thought provoking and uplifting space.






Plum builds a sense of warmth in the bedroom no matter how it’s styled. Whether you’re paring back a statement print like Everly, mastering the art of monochromatic styling or mixing with neutral tones for a more relaxed look; plum is a colour that can carry your bedroom styling this season.



Finishing touches...

A rich and romantic colour, plum can be elevated through textural accessories like silk. Indulge in our Lanham silk collection or use the Torsten cushion as a finishing touch. 

Your bedroom styling doesn’t stop at a hint of colour and luxury textures; an aromatic scent will heighten the senses, calm the mind and allow you to settle into your beautifully curated space. We recommend notes of vanilla, musk and berries. Try our Cashmere or Ivory Bloom candle or diffuser.





On the other side of the spectrum lies evergreen. Vivid, fresh and naturally calming; evergreen takes inspiration from the outdoors to create a beautifully soothing space.

Evergreen could be the breath of fresh air your bedroom needs. Natural fibres and lighting, indoor plants and raw materials like timber will work together to energise and revive your bedroom.



Finishing touches...

Evergreen can be styled monochromatically to create a sense of luxury escapism, or it can be pared back with neutrals like flax for a brighter atmosphere. 

Use a candle or diffuser to further connect with nature. Floral notes, ylang ylang and citrus will help to instill peaceful thoughts and refresh the senses. We recommend the Daybreak or Evenfall scents from our current collection.



Start creating a space that inspires with colours that release creative energy. A fresh, new look could be the key to staying calm and collected.







4 years ago