Father's Day With The Ropelets


Dad’s time of the year is finally here. The one day he can slip on a bathrobe, kick back and actually relax. Come to think of it, our Dads probably deserve more than one day to stop and smell the roses given their commitment to the 24/7 job that is, fatherhood.

The challenges of fatherhood come in all shapes and sizes; however, some men truly have their work cut out for them. Sydney Dad Brad Rope was a proud father of one, until he and wife Lisa made a wish for one more. The catch was, they were granted three wishes instead of just one. That’s right, triplets.

For Father’s Day this year we caught up with Brad and Lisa, their eldest son Xavier and ‘The Ropelets’. While we’re pretty certain Brad might only get to kick back and relax for a minute or two this Sunday, his hard work and unconditional love doesn’t go unnoticed.



What were the initial thoughts running through your head when you found out you were having triplets?

My first thoughts were- there goes my social life Hahahaha 

Seriously, my first thoughts were pretty negative and concerned just thinking about all the complications that come with having triplets. I was worried about Lisa and her health as my wife and mother of my then 2-year-old, then also the health of the babies. What medically was shared with us was pretty daunting from the word go so it was hard not to be scared. But I’ve always wanted a big family, so after a few seconds (or months haha) my worried thoughts turned positive and I have never looked back. 


How did you cope with the nerves of becoming a father of triplets?

There was a lot of excitement about the triplets from friends and family, which really calmed the nerves down of being a father to triplets. It never really sunk in until they were born. Even now I wake up in shock sometimes that this has happened to us. But honestly, everyone has just been so invested in this it’s been so uplifting and makes the harder days easier.



How do you balance working while also being the dad to four kids under four? 

 I used to own a Locksmith/Security Company, which employed up to eight staff members and I worked part-time as a seasonal lifeguard. 

When we found out we were having triplets we had to really look at our lifestyles and work/life balance, so I put my company up for sale. I applied for a permanent position on the beach as a lifeguard and sold the business- I was lucky enough the get the job on the beach. 

I now work a 7-day fortnight and when I finish a shift at the beach, I go home to my 24/7 job- the triplets- not to mention the 3-year-old! 

It was the best decision I made. I now have half the year with the family and honestly, it’s non-stop at home so it’s enabled me to really be part of it.

It’s not easy balancing between work and family but with my wife and all her systems in place, it just works.


You're outnumbered by girls in the house now, what do you do with your son to have 'guy time’?

My son loves the beach and any park in the Eastern Suburbs. Every chance I get we head straight outdoors. He absolutely loves it and really enjoys the one-on-one time that he misses from being the only child and having to compete with not one baby, but three. We both really try and make an effort with him so he feels included, and to be honest he really loves his sisters.


Seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces or getting a giggle out of any of the kids makes everything all worth it.


Have you had any sleep in 2020?

Sleep, what is that? Kidding. To be honest, with the help we have received I have definitely snuck in a few all-night sleeps before a 6am-6pm shift at work. The girls are also getting older and sleeping longer at night which has made a huge difference for everyone (even the help was getting tired for a while there, it’s relentless- you'd put one down and the next one would wake up).

We've found solids have really helped them sleep longer! But overall, I can safely say 2020 was the year I have had the least sleep in my whole life!


What are some of your simple pleasures that keep you grounded? 

A coffee has never tasted so good, I'm up to 2 a day. Also, the ocean has never felt so good. You can't beat a quick train or surf at the beach to refresh and reset. I'm pretty lucky I work at the beach so getting a train in or getting in the ocean is actually possible. As much as I miss the crew when I'm at work, it’s great to be able to reset.


What's your favourite thing about fatherhood?

Seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces or getting a giggle out of any of the kids makes everything all worth it. There’s nothing better in the whole wide world.


4 years ago