Finding Comfort In The Finer Things


We’ve always spent a lot of time tucked beneath the covers and curled up on the couch, but until recently, you may not have given your living spaces the attention they deserve. How can you create a space you love to spend time in?

We’ve got a list of essentials to help you conjure up a sense of luxury escapism, without having to leave your home.



You can never underestimate the power of a quality foundation for your sleep. Rest is crucial for maintaining a strong and healthy immune system and keeping your mood and spirits high. Try adding a mattress topper for an extra layer of comfort (ever wondered what cloud nine feels like?) and update your quilt for the coming change in season. Think about the warmth and weight you’ll be most comfortable with and if you prefer a natural or hypoallergenic filling. Most importantly, find a pillow that’s perfectly suited to your sleep position and stature. Our pillow guide will point you in the right direction.





It’s not silly to think that certain sheets might better suit a certain mood. If an extra hug is in order why not try a set of flannelette sheets. If you need to create a more calming space, update the colour of your sheet set. If you’re suddenly spending a little more time in bed (morning meetings have never felt so good), invest in a material like linen that ages beautifully and gets softer the more you sleep in it.





Ever realised how therapeutic it can be to hold a soft, silk pillow or to run your fingers through a fuzzy, textured cushion while you get lost in your latest Netflix addiction? Colourful, textural cushions and throws will not only add life to your living spaces, but they’ll add even more value to your downtime.





If whatever you’ve got in the oven isn’t enough to excite the senses, use candles or a diffuser to create your desired atmosphere. Different scents will evoke different feelings. Choose something refreshing and energising for morning motivation or if you’re working from home. Have a different candle ready to burn when it’s time to wind down or take some time for yourself.





If you weren’t a masterchef before, chances are you’ll become one in 2020. As you spend more time creating comfort food in the kitchen, you’ll start to realise how much you value quality ingredients, good appliances and not spilling pasta sauce on your pajamas (we can finally appreciate a good apron!). Explore our reTHREAD range for kitchen essentials crafted from 100% recycled materials.





If you’re unfamiliar with this level of lounging, chances are you’ve done something crazy like wear denim on your days off. No matter how much you love your wardrobe, it will happily hibernate until a comeback is announced. For now, luxury loungewear will keep you feeling and looking good at home, which is sure to put a smile on your face. Premium fabrics and comfortable fits will ensure your wardrobe supports your current lifestyle.




There’s no place like home when it’s filled with quality, comfort and beauty.



4 years ago