How to Throw the Ultimate Sleepover

Whether you're reading this during lazy holiday days or when school's back in session, sleepover season is a year-round occasion. There’s something unparalleled about an event that lasts from sunset to sunrise (and then some!). It’s where secrets are shared, life-long friendships are built, and private jokes are born. Oh, and where excess fun is had — of course!

Whether it’s a slumber party with the whole gang, a select guest list, or even just a sleepover with your bestie, there are a few things that you need to throw the ultimate sleepover (is a sleepover really a sleepover without a Sleepover Quilt?).

Which is what we’re here for. Here’s how to have the best sleepover ever, with the help of Sheridan.


#1: snacks


Is a sleepover truly a sleepover without snacks? That’s not a rhetorical question no, of course it isn’t! Make sure you find out any dietary preferences or needs from your guests, and then hit up the confectionary and frozen food aisle at your local supermarket.

We’re talking chocolate and lollies, we’re talking chips and dips, party pies. You can even buy a bunch of ingredients and have a make-your-own pizza bar. Just make sure the best cook in the house has their eye on anything that needs to be cooked in the oven or microwave — no one wants a burnt edge. Oh, and don’t forget the popcorn...especially if you’re planning to watch some movies during the night. 

#2: movies


Us in the older generations might remember going to Blockbuster or Video Ezy to pick out movies for a sleepover, but now it’s all about streaming services. With so many options, how do you narrow it down? Ask your guests in advance if they have something they’re excited to see; to make it fair you could draw from a hat or have a vote… or just watch multiple movies in one night.

Maybe it’s old school like ET, Back to the Future or The Princess Bride. Or a classic like Matilda, The Princess Diaries, Shrek. High School Musical - the whole trilogy, obviously - is always a winner. Newer options like Wreck It Ralph, Big Hero 6 or The Lego Movie work too. And can you ever say no to a Disney movie? Moana, Mulan, any of the Toy Story’s — any Disney movie is great.





#3: games


We’re talking board games, crafts (friendship bracelets 4eva), Twister, all sorts. Tire everyone out by setting up a treasure hunt, hide and seek, sardines, even a nerf gun war.

Or go for the night time classics like Truth or Dare, or The Telephone Game — guaranteed to end in silliness and giggles.



#4: sleepover quilt


Like we’ve said before, a sleepover isn’t a sleepover with Sheridan’s Kids Sleepover Quilt. A fun accessory, in bright colours, it’ll help your child feel at home wherever they go — and will help welcome any guests with open arms. Kids can swap between the oversized gingham design and block colour reverse for double the fun. Crafted with organic cotton, and filled with recycled polyester wadding, it’s super comfortable for nights not spent at home.

Oh, and for parents — it comes with a self-duffle bag for easy travel, and can even be converted to a bed cover or playmat. Dream sleepover guest, are we right?