Inside Lilypad Palm Beach with Chuck Anderson


Warm days on the deck or cosy nights by the fire? The soft touch of sunlight or the soothing sound of rain on the water’s surface? Summer, winter, rain or shine; Lilypad Palm Beach is the perfect place to reset, whilst indulging in the finer things in life. 

Days can be spent exploring or soaking up the surroundings. As night falls; slip into a robe, pick your poison and settle in for some quality time. It’s just you and the ocean. 

Discovering a space that exhibits all the qualities cherished at Sheridan was naturally exciting for us. We look for places where our products can flourish, and where they can contribute to beautiful experiences and memorable moments in time. Lilypad Palm Beach is a space that achieves that for us. Through passion, expert craftsmanship and a deep respect for our natural surroundings; Sheridan and Lilypad Palm Beach aligned.

We’re proudly the official homewares provider for Lilypad and have equipped the luxury vessel with pieces from our sustainable collections.






Before you step onboard, we recommend learning a little more about the birth of this marvel, along with the dedication and commitment required to ensure its completion. We sat down with the mastermind behind it all, Chuck Anderson, to uncover the characteristics (some tangible, others not!) that make this floating villa so special.



What inspired you to build Lilypad? Was there a lightbulb moment?

“There wasn't a light bulb moment as such, more slow progression and acknowledgement of several missing links within the market and what had been achieved in the past both through boat design and engineering. 

I've spent most of my life on the water, both recreationally and professionally (with a background in marine engineering), and I felt as though the traditional boating experience closed itself off to a wider audience. I came to identify that we could design and create a space that would take away the intimidation of boating, whilst allowing the everyday person to experience the beauty and magic of being on the water, without requiring the skillset or experience to operate a vessel. In addition, I wanted to create a space that was special and more engaging than every other boat out there by creating an iconic pitch roof with exposed rafters and a bathroom with more luxury refinement than most apartments. 

I really wanted every inch of the space to make you feel something, and I think we've done that."


How long did it take to build and how long have you been up and running?

"The build itself took a little over 12 months however the design development, engineering and certification process was the best part of five years. We've been open to the public now since August 2019."



Can you tell us about the sustainable elements of the space?

"Lilypad is 100% solar powered, with an array of 10 solar panels strategically placed across the roof. The energy generated from the sun is then turned into 240 Volt power, allowing us to run all the modern appliances and luxuries that one would want. The coffee machine, dishwasher, Netflix and Wi-Fi all run completely from the sun’s energy.

Also throughout the build process the material selection we used was contingent on each product being sustainable. Wherever possible, we've used reclaimed timbers. For instance our external hardwood cladding has not only been implemented for the sake of sustainability, but it's also the best way of ensuring longevity and existence in such a harsh, salty environment. Nothing survives better in nature than nature itself.

We also have our own desalination unit on board, essentially turning the salt water on which we float, into pure, fresh drinking water. Again, this whole process is powered from the sun's energy. It's a very real reminder of the capabilities and efficiencies of being sustainable. Lilypad Palm Beach certainly brings new meaning to the phrase ‘self sufficient’."



Why is this a good place for people to come and stay, as opposed to travelling a greater distance for a vacation?

"I think we all spend far too much time travelling abroad and exploring everything overseas, somewhat ignoring or overseeing the beauties that we have domestically and then specifically right within Sydney. There's a beauty in our waterways that rivals the most sought after destinations in the world and that’s something very exciting and satisfying for every Australian to experience. It's amazing to realise that you can stay at Lilypad in the heart of Sydney; yet at the same time, be in complete isolation from the often frantic world around us. Experiencing nature’s beauty with a high level luxury in your own backyard- there's nothing better."


What makes Lilypad a great escape in sunshine or rain?

"We set out to design the space to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. It goes without saying that Lilypad Palm Beach is an amazing space in the summer months, however for me it really comes alive in the colder periods when the rain comes down on the tin roof and the storms roll through. It was a very considered design element to incorporate an open fireplace metres away from 3 1/2 metre bifold doors. Sitting on a beautiful couch with a book and some of Australia’s finest wines, whilst having Mother Nature do its thing only metres away outside, is an extremely relaxing and in some ways, clean  experience. You come away feeling extremely refreshed and motivated. Well, at least I do!"


Any plans for Lilypad 2.0?

"In one word, yes."


That's music to our ears! 

Take a sneak peek inside Lilypad Palm Beach, styled with our Autumn/ Winter '20 Collection and featuring our most sustainable sheet collection to date, TENCEL™ with REFIBRA™ Technolgy.








If you're a Sydney local, Lilypad Palm Beach is offering full service, luxury isolated stays - learn more.   





Photographer: Scott Hawkins


4 years ago