Percale vs Sateen


Cotton percale and sateen are two of our expertly crafted, signature weaves. Both are made using cotton, however what separates the two and what makes each so special? Most importantly, which is better suited to your sleep? 

We'll explain what gives each material its unique feel.



What's the difference between

cotton perale and cotton sateen?

There are four key components to sheet quality – the cotton, thread, weave and finish. When comparing a cotton percale and cotton sateen sheet, the notable difference is the feel. Although both are crafted from high quality, long-staple cotton, the feel of the sheet differs as a result of the weave.



What is percale?

Percale is a weave technique that has existed for hundreds of years, offering incomparable durability. Percale can handle a lot of heat, is breathable and doesn’t lower in quality after multiple washes.

A percale weave refers to a plain weave fabric, meaning the warp and the weft threads cross over and under each other one at a time during the weaving process. It’s a simple weave, that essentially takes form in an ‘over, under, over, under’ construction.



How does it feel?

Cotton percale sits in our foundation range of sheeting, offering a crisp and lightweight feel. The compact, signature weave of percale creates a breathable sheet that’s smooth to touch and highly durable. Percale feels dry against the skin and softens more after each wash.



What is sateen?

The sateen weave technique also has a longstanding history and has been used in garment and bed linen production since the mid 1800's. Sateen weaves are finely crafted with interlocking threads in a satin weave structure. The weave is created when vertically facing warp threads pass over four horizontally facing weft threads before they’re interlaced again.

Sateen is durable and naturally wrinkle-free, giving you a luxury feel that's hassle free. 



How does it feel?

The satin weave structure of a sateen sheet creates buttery softness and a beautiful sheen. Sateen is slightly heavier and perfect for cooler sleepers.



Percale vs Sateen - Which is best?

We’re obsessed with the quality and feel of both percale and sateen weaves, and both offer long lasting comfort.

Personal preference comes down to the feel.

The percale weave is a lot more open, which creates the breathable, crisp feeling with a matte finish. Percale is prefect for warmer sleepers and those who prefer a crisp, airy feeling.

Sateen is more tightly woven with increased thickness, a silky-smooth hand-feel and a lustrous sheen. It’s slightly heavier and perfect for cooler sleepers.





4 years ago