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Set Up a Relaxing Bath in 6 Simple Steps

Anyone reading this in Australia — research has shown that we, on average, shower eight times a week. One for each day, and two on Sundays. Above the global average in this regard, we’re below the global average for shampoos per week — washing our hair three times a week; roughly every two days.

It’s hard to find stats on how many baths we have a week, but we’re going to hazard a guess that it’s nowhere near once a day (or twice on Sundays). It might be because we’re rushed for time, we grew up in the era of strict water conservation, or we’re in a rental that only has a shower in which you can barely turn without knocking something flying. 

And we’re not here to say you should take one every day, but that there is reason to treat yourself to one, every once in a while. 

And this is somewhere where we have the research to back us up. Cleveland Clinic, a nonprofit academic medical centre, writes that “Taking baths has great physical and mental health benefits” — and that’s a direct quote from an MD.

Not only can they help you sleep well — which you know we’re all about — but they create an environment for meditation, thought, and a moment to escape from the stress of the everyday. In fact, they can help decrease stress hormones.

It’s not just a moment of relaxation for your mind, but your body too — a soak in a warm bath can help with muscle soreness and tension, too. 

Think of a bath as soaking in self-care

So what do you need for a relaxing bath?

Well, all you need is water and a tub — everything else is just the metaphoric cherry on top.

But if you want to know how to set up a relaxing bath, or even how to make your bath more relaxing, then do we have some steps for you.

Step One: Set up Your Space

If the only thing decorating your bathroom is used towels on the floor (we've all been there), it’s time for a quick clean — and makeover. 

Declutter the countertop and wipe down any mess, bring in some greenery (real or fake) or even scatter some flower petals about. Candles always help set the mood, thanks to the lightly flickering flames and the soft scent.

And that’s just the start of a relaxing bath how to.

Step Two: Get The Towels (and Robes) in Order

Everything you’ll need after the fact, you want to organise now too. 

Start with a bath mat, which now only helps to soak up any accidental spills, but because your tootsies deserve as much luxury as the rest of you. A bathrobe keeps you comfortable and cocooned both before and after your bath, and helps get your mind in the zone for relaxation — especially if it’s plush and cosy, like our Aven Robe.

And, obviously, you can’t forget about towels. Fluffy, luxurious towels that make drying off an absolute dream. To truly take it to the next level, take our new Aven Australian Cotton towels and place them neatly in a stack on the countertop, or go extra fancy and roll them into a little pyramid of sorts. Mix and match your favourite colours for an extra personalised touch.

Got an extra towel on hand? It’s exactly what you need for a relaxing bath — use it underneath your neck or behind your head as a pillow or support, and you’ll be extra comfortable.

Step Three: Arrange Everything You’ll Need In The Bath

Partial to a cheeky glass of wine while you’re relaxing? Or maybe you like some calming music playing while you stretch out? Perhaps you’re an avid reader, and what better time to crack into your latest book?

Whatever you need, set it up within arms reach — but preferably higher than you, so it’s out of the splash zone.

Except for your phone — have that screen on the other side of the bathroom, on a high-up windowsill. If you need music, press play and then store it out of sight (and hopefully out of mind). There’s nothing relaxing about electronics in the tub.

And last but not least, get yourself a bottle of water and a cool compress. It can get toasty in there, and you’ll need to rehydrate.

Step Four: What to Put in a Bath for Relaxation

There’s a variety of extra ingredients, per se, that you can put into your bath to elevate the experience. 

Some people are partial to Epsom salts, using it as a go-to for a relaxing bath how to — helping with stress relief, and relieving muscle soreness.

You may prefer — or already have on hand — essential oils. A few drops of these (up to 10), create a beautiful scent in the water itself. However, you need a carrier (base) oil for this; something like coconut, vegetable or jojoba. 

Another option is a bath bomb. Although these are possible to make at home, it’s much easier to purchase one — colourful, shimmery, more subtle, it’s your choice.

Then there’s the beloved childhood classic of bubbles. And don’t worry, bubble baths are all grown up now — different ingredients, scents, fancy packaging, the whole thing.

Step Five: Running the Bath

Now that you know exactly what you’re going to put into the bath, it’s time to make like the beloved Australian TV show H2O, and just add water. 

And this is one of the most important steps in how to run a relaxing bath — finding the Goldilocks of your bath’s water temperature. It’s generally suggested to have the water similar to your body temperature — 37ºC — but this can fluctuate a few degrees either way. 

After you’ve added your selected goods from step four, you’re set. Get on into that tub. 

Step Six: The Afterbath

So you’ve learnt how to take a luxurious bath — but the experience continues on after the bath, too.

Dry yourself off with an Aven Australian Cotton towel, for a seriously soft touch. After this, you can use a dry brush to, well, dry brush yourself — gentle exfoliation for the skin, essentially. It can also increase blood circulation, and stimulate your nervous system; self-care that’s beyond skin deep. 

Continue to treat yourself with a bit of luxury, and take time to connect with your body, by moisturising from head to toe. Once you’ve done so, wrap yourself up in an Aven Australian Cotton Robe — its relaxed fit and midweight feel are the perfect recipe for relaxation.

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