Styling Sheridan With Sibella Court


Interior stylist, author and Founder of The Society Inc., Sibella Court, has an immersive sense of style; defined by her 25 years of industry experience. A renowned globe trotter with a passion for (and degree in!) history; Sibella's career has beared a course across Australia and the United States. Amidst the wanderlust, Sibella has cultivated a wealth of knowledge and a unique styling approach that can  bring interiors of any sort to life.

We invited Sibella into the world of Sheridan to unveil a fresh perspective on styling our interiors. Explore our series of styling videos with Sibella, as she ignites inspiration and shares her expert advice. 


Evolve your current look to include layers of colour and texture. 



 Connect to nature through colour and pattern.



Create a unique, decorative space with a clever mix of cushions and throws. 



 Curate your life through colour.



 Style your home with quality products that are better for you and the environment.



The keys to creating a cosy, yet contemporary winter bed. 



 Discover a new perspective on a luxe aesthetic.



The secrets to styling unique, artisan patterns. 



 Learn simple ways to elevate any room in the home.



 How to achieve a beautifully textured space that showcases the true art of quality craftsmanship.








4 years ago