SleepSafe Supports SmartMeals


 Since April 24th, all donations to the SleepSafe initiative have been used to support the SmartMeals program.


What is SmartMeals?


The SmartMeals program is run by our charity partner, StreetSmart Australia. The launch of this program was brought forward as a response to the closure of many charity meals programs during the COVID-19 crisis. Food security for vulnerable Australians became an even greater challenge than it already was, and many hospitality workers were left jobless as a result of restaurant and café closures.

The program utilises the unused capacity of local restaurants and cafés to provide meals for local homeless and community groups. This practical approach to the challenging situation has allowed hospitality workers to maintain employment, whilst supporting as many people as possible during this pandemic.

SleepSafe donations have contributed 624 of the 12,430 meals provided to people in need across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.  

After hearing from some of the recipients, it’s clear that this program is having a huge positive impact in more ways than one.





Sean has been loving the “beautiful, healthy & nutritious” meals provided by Sassafras Café. A freshly-made lunch helps take care of one essential need, so that Sean can focus on another – securing some more permanent housing in this challenging time. 




Like so many others in our community, the pandemic caught George off guard at an especially vulnerable time in his life. HART4000 managed to find him some crisis accommodation at a suburban Brisbane motel where he’s currently planning his next move. The SmartMeals deliveries have been keeping George healthy as he adjusts to life after a significant medical operation. George tells us between mouthfuls of a roast vegetable pesto salad that he’s very grateful for such high-quality food.




Sandra is a lady of few words – she’s definitely got her hands full, as a single mother of four kids aged 16 and under. The family have, by necessity, been moving from one crisis accommodation to another. A helping hand for a single mum; these meals are making life a little more manageable.




Prior to his current temporary accommodation at an inner-north boarding house, Joel was homeless for three months. Every cent of his pay went into getting this roof over his head. The SmartMeals have been “absolutely beautiful”, he exclaims – they have helped to keep him going.




Chris is a HART4000 client who has been struggling to secure a roof over his head.

“When you’re down and out like this, it’s tough,” he admits.

Chris has been receiving SmartMeals since day one and is one of our most enthusiastic participants. In his own words, the food has been “keeping him afloat”, during a particularly rough patch in his life.


You can assist vulnerable members of the communtiy in your area by contributing to the SleepSafe initiative. Continuing in the month of June, every $10 donation will go towards providing a meal through the SmartMeals program.



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