Why You Should Refresh Your Bedroom With Patterned Bedding

style striped bedroomstyle striped bedroom

Pinstripes, candy stripes, awning stripes, the classic French Breton stripe. Horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, Fine Line — whoops, that last one is a Harry Styles album. Balanced stripes and unbalanced stripes.

When it comes to this classic pattern — one that dates back to ancient times — there’s a reason stripes are a perennial favourite. So if you’re ever wondering to yourself “Are striped sheets in style?”, across fashion, design, interiors and yes, bedding, the stripe is a staple. 

A basic that isn’t basic; striped bedding can add impact, a touch of elegance and sophistication, or even help create the illusion of a larger bedroom (vertical stripes work wonders). Whether a striped quilt cover, striped bedding or even striped accessories, it makes for versatile styling.

Let’s not forget that a striped fabric is almost synonymous with French styling and decor, bringing a touch of effortless “je ne sais quoi”. It’s also associated with Regency style, which we can all thank Bridgerton for the resurgence of. But don’t worry, you don’t need to live in a French castle from the Regency era to style stripes in your bedroom.

striped quilt coverstriped quilt cover

Wondering how to style stripes or what design goes well with stripes? Well look, not only have we talked about striped loungewear before, we’ve also talked about mixing patterns on your bed.

But this time, the focus falls on Reilly Stripe — one of our most popular bedding collections, now with a contemporary yarn dyed stripe. The collection boasts striped bed sheets, striped quilt covers and more

Crafted in cotton chambray fabrication, it has the same favourite feeling of that lived-in shirt you’ll pad around the house in during your downtime and weekends — so cosy and comfortable, you could just live in it all the time (damn adult responsibilities). The epitome of relaxed luxe, there are several ways to style it; an easy refresh to your bedroom.

#1: A Touch of Stripes

how to style stripe sheetshow to style stripe sheets

Make like Harry Styles and just go with some fine lines. Because of their simplicity, stripes can be used to complement your already existing bedroom aesthetic, regardless if it's contemporary, minimalist, beach-boho or something classic.

Styling striped bedding could be as simple as adding a pair of striped pillowcases, or even the Reilly Stripe breakfast cushion. Coming in two shades, atlantic and dust, they act as ideal neutrals while adding visual interest to your space. If you’re a fan of our original Reilly collection, these striped offerings will complement it perfectly.

When it comes to how to style striped sheets, you can use them to bring energy to the room. A peek of stripes coming through via a flat sheet, folded over a quilt cover in a block shade. 

#2: Stripes on Stripes (on Stripes)

are striped sheets in styleare striped sheets in style

Is there such a thing as too many stripes? If you answered no to this question, this section is perfect for you.

Whether your vibe is more nautical or neutral, you can still play with layered stripes throughout. Our atlantic Reilly Stripe offerings are perfect for those inspired by the seaside, whereas Reilly Stripe in dust is for those looking for something a touch more subtle.

Make a statement by layering striped sheets with a striped quilt cover, as well as striped pillowcases and cushions. If you’re worried that this style of striped bedding might be a bit much (it’s not, but you do you), you can break it up visually with a quilted bed cover and shams, in a single shade.

#3: Stripes & Florals

style stripes bedroomstyle stripes bedroom

Remember the question before about what design goes well with stripes? Here’s your answer.

Stripes with florals, for those who love a bold, unexpected combination. By incorporating flowers, an element of softness acts as a contrast to the repeated, straight lines. 

The Lydie sheet set, scattered with contemporary delicate florals, adds a pop of colour. Acting as a supplementary pattern — with stripes being the predominant throughout — it complements, as opposed to overwhelms.

To keep the look harmonious, borrow from a similar colour palette; Reilly atlantic with Lydie in daylight, Reilly dust with Lydie’s red glow

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