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A Foolproof Guide to Up Your Travel Game

how to elevate your travel game. open carry on suitcase with comfortable travel outfits and accessories folded in or on to elevate your travel game. open carry on suitcase with comfortable travel outfits and accessories folded in or on top.

Living in Australia means if you want to travel anywhere — next city over, or to the other side of the globe — you better strap in and get comfy, cause it’s going to take you some time. Even a trip from one end of Sydney to the other could end up taking a good three hours; that’s before factoring potential public transport in. 

Let’s face it: when it comes to how to stay comfortable on long flights, or other long modes of transportation, we Aussies have it covered better than most. It may be the most annoying part of a trip — especially when you have to use a whole day of annual leave for just sitting uncomfortably on a plane — but it’s a necessary evil. 

But that doesn’t mean we’re the know-all and end-all of most — there are still ways, tips and tricks we can discover in terms of how to elevate our travel game. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a tropical vacay or a ski trip, you’re looking for comfortable travel outfits or worrying about the state of your passport — these are the things to consider when travelling overseas. And yes, we’ve made sure (several) travel comfort items are guaranteed. 

Oh, and if you’re wondering about family holidays — we’re already got that covered

#1: Make a List

First things first — and yes, no one likes admin but too bad —get a list set up before you even start packing. Actually, get two.

It can be handwritten, on a spreadsheet, in your Notes App… whatever works for you, just get them going. One will be for your packing, and one will be for things you need to check off before you leave… including packing but think more along the lines of: travel insurance, organise house sitter, notify banks of travel.

For your packing list, divvy it up into three sections: suitcase, carry-on and essentials. Essentials are things that will go in your carry-on, but they get their own special status because you literally cannot travel without them: your passport, tickets, wallet, money, phone.

Dividing up your list like this is helpful because you’ll know exactly what goes in which bag — and it’s good for whenever you have to repack at any stops along the way, and unpack at the end.

#2: Check Your Travel Documents

If you’re travelling internationally, do you have:

• The right visa?

• A valid passport, with more than six months left before expiry?

• Enough pages left in your passport to stamp?

• A passport that's in mint condition?

• Booking confirmation, for travel, accommodation and any transportation?

Get these sorted, otherwise, let’s be honest — you’re not going anywhere in the first place.

And if you’re going domestic, make sure you’ve got the right photo ID, as well as the requisite booking confirmations — or tickets, if they’re sent out in advance. 

No matter where you’re travelling to, make sure you’ve downloaded the right flight/train/ferry app if applicable, as well as whatever public transport app your location seems to favour (Google Maps is always good, as is CityMapper for bigger cities). 

And also, it’s best to have scanned or printed copies of your tickets and relevant ID if possible, with a copy in each bag. You don’t know what might break, get lost, or get stolen — a hard copy backup will never go astray. 

how to make flying more comfortable. suitcase stands on floor, with carry on sat on top and travel blanket hanging off. in the background is wooden desk, out the window is green to make flying more comfortable. suitcase stands on floor, with carry on sat on top and travel blanket hanging off. in the background is wooden desk, out the window is green grass.

#3: Your Suitcase

Look, we’re not going to tell you what to pack in your suitcase — we don’t know where you’re going, and all the possibilities would make this a neverending article. 

However, some things to consider when you travel overseas — you don’t need 5,000 pairs of undies. You really don’t. Most accommodations will have a laundry service of some kind, or you can wash them in the sink with soap/shampoo and dry them on the clothesline in the shower, or over a chair in your room. 

Roll your clothes when you pack them — seriously, just do it. It’s so good for space (don’t ask me to explain why or how). Packing cubes are also good for divvying up areas of your suitcase; think pants, tops, swimwear, going-out attire, etc. 

Also, stuff all the small pieces or accessories into shoes, handbags, nooks and crannies. Pack them last, they’re the easiest to stuff in. And remember, you do want to leave some space for anything you might buy while overseas (whether for yourself or a gift for someone back home). 

Four wheels always beat two, a luggage tag will never go astray, and tie a ribbon or fasten a coloured strap around your suitcase so you’re able to spot it at baggage claim when surrounded by a sea of almost identical suitcases. 

Going somewhere cold? Don’t pack the chunky or oversized coats and jumpers into your suitcase; wear or carry them on board. 

#4: Your Carry On

Honestly, your carry-on is more important than your suitcase. Mainly because you carry it on with you (it’s in the name), so it contains everything important — passport, tickets, prescribed medication (seriously, carry that with you, just bring a note from your doctor), phone, wallet. 

We’ve all got a story about a suitcase going missing or getting waylaid, so we all know just how important it is that our carry-on has everything we need for a day or two if worse comes to worst. 

Most importantly? After the passport, tickets, meds and the like, of course — pack spare underwear. If your flight is longer than eight hours, try and pack a spare outfit, or at least a fresh top. Deodorant only goes so far when travelling.

Bring some prepackaged snacks, but try to avoid taking any fruit and veg between countries, or at least past a customs gate — countries are pretty strict about that (especially our own country, to be honest). 

Items that always get asked to be removed at security, pack right at the top of your bag. Yes, you’ve got the classic liquids in a see-through bag — but also, put all your meds into one see-through bag, and get all your electronics into one, too. No one wants to be the person in a security line, fishing for whatever electronic has fallen right into the bottom corner of their backpack. Make it easier for yourself, the line, and security.

Tips for Toiletries + More

For your liquid carry-ons, there are always some winners to bring with you (remember to check that allowance varies between countries).

• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Roll-on deodorant

• Eye drops

• Micellar water

• Face spritz

• Baby wipes, for a quick way to freshen up

• Antibacterial wipes

• Chapstick

Bring a water bottle with you — you may not be able to take it through security when it's full, but you can always refill it after security, and if you’re flying, you can get it filled up on the plane by nicely asking a flight attendant. 

things to consider when travelling overseas. woman wheel suitcase and holding travel bags walks away from camera.things to consider when travelling overseas. woman wheel suitcase and holding travel bags walks away from camera.

#5: For Long Haul

The second you board, set your phone and watch to the time of your destination — and plan your long haul trip around that. Try and sleep during the destination’s sleeping hours, and stay awake during their waking hours. 

If you’re wondering how to stay comfortable on long flights, getting sleep is key. And the best way to do that? Be prepared. An eye mask (especially an oversized one, like our Lanham Silk Eye Mask or Cocoon Eye Mask) will help block out all the light, and then some. Bring some earplugs, or if you’re a person who sleeps listening to music or white noise, some noise-cancelling headphones — just make sure you’ve downloaded the sounds you need to play offline, ahead of time. 

Having your own blanket will help make flying more comfortable — and you can use it at the airport for any long transfers, too. It also means you can use the airline-provided travel blanket as a little cushioning underneath your bum, or for your back. And don’t forget a neck pillow, or even an actual pillow (travel sized or plucked straight from your bed); an essential travel comfort item

When it comes to comfortable shoes for travelling, bring your own slippers or slides along. Yes, you should wear comfortable shoes through the airport — casual sneakers can never go wrong, and take some bulk out of your suitcase — but when it’s time to sleep, you want a bit more comfort. Our Cocoon Slippers will leave your tootsies extra cosy when you fly, and it means you won’t offend fellow passengers with your bare feet (we still recommend pairing them with some cosy socks though). 

Oh, and one more sneaky tip for your carry-on? Pack a spare fabric tote bag in it. This is good for storing any layers you might wear and get too hot in, putting in any books you might buy, or even organising anything you need within hands reach while on the plane or train or ferry (especially if, like a plane, your carry on gets stored above you). Think toiletries, meds, books, cosy socks, eye mask. 

Only after security though. It’s like two carry-ons for the price of one.

#6: What to Wear

People may fawn over the “olden days” of travel when people used to dress up for flights — but they also had adequate legroom and weren’t packed in like sardines.

Nowadays, it’s all about comfort — especially if it's a longer trip. Think as close as publicly acceptable to pyjamas as possible; comfortable travel outfits boasting stretch, that don’t dig in.

Our Tovey Top boasts long sleeves and a relaxed fit, pairing perfectly with our Sonance Pants (and their wide leg and drawcord waist). Crafted with the ever-comfortable jersey, our Merla Sleep Set (top and pants)is also perfect for travelling. 

You also want to layer up, even if you’re going to a warmer destination. Planes aren’t known for being the warmest place on earth (or in the sky, technically), and you also can’t control your seat neighbours blasting aircon that’s angled a little too close towards you. Merino wool is soft and comfortable against your skin; look stylish in the Keyla Knit Sweater or Auclare Knit Cardigan

And if you really want to feel like you’re wrapped in the clouds you might be flying in, you cannot beat the one-of-a-kind Cocoon Robe. Cosy jersey, quilted (and padded), it’s like you’ve taken your bed with you while travelling. Trust us, you won’t ever want to take it off. 

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