Valentine's Day with Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull


We’re feeling so full of love this Valentine’s Day. Why? It could be love songs playing on repeat, or the fact that February 14 falls on a Friday this year (we really love Fridays). However, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull are to blame for our happy hearts. 

Are they friends, are they lovers or are they business partners? We can confirm they’re every single one of those things in perfect balance, and that’s what makes them so fascinating. 

Elle, an entrepreneur/influencer/blogger (what can’t she do), and Joel, a former AFL star and right hand man to Elle’s self-tanning business, Elle Effect; welcomed us into their Bondi Beach apartment to show us what home feels like for them. 

They knew from day one that they were destined for each other, and we knew after spending about five minutes with them that their relationship was solid gold. 



Elle & Joel's bed is styled with the Chabrol quilt cover collection, Abbotson linen sheets and accessories in white, Bligh cushion in fog and the Pennington throw


Jet setting around the world and dedicating endless hours to perfecting new products for the Elle Effect isn’t stopping these two from planning the perfect Valentine’s Day.

J: We're going to be in LA for Valentine's Day, we've just booked at our favourite restaurant Jon & Vinny's, it's this epic Italian restaurant with such good food. 

E: Our good friends took us there about three years ago and we were like - ‘WHAT IS THIS PLACE!?’

J: It’s just this little hole in the wall, but we’re obsessed. 


While making decisions for date night is a walk in the park now, the couple look back and laugh at how after numerous attempts, Joel finally roped Elle into their very first date.

J: I messaged Elle and said, what are you doing tonight? She said, I'm just at home, I think I'm going to get some takeaway. Then I said, do you want to get takeaway together because that's what I'm doing? Elle said, hmm no I don't think so. 

I said, that's probably why we're both single…

E: It really hurt my feelings (laughs)! So I basically had to go on a date with him the following night. After we went on the first date, I fell hard! There was no looking back.



In the years prior to meeting, Elle and Joel unknowingly crossed paths, socialised at the same venues and hung out at the same beaches. Eventually, the stars aligned and the two were introduced to each other by mutual friends. 

E: Joel and I lived on the same street and he lived five or six houses down the way. He’d walk out of his house and turn left to go to the beach, whereas I’d turn right. So, we NEVER saw each other. After friends introduced us, we worked out where we lived, and we were like - how have we not seen each other? 

 I'd then be in full hair and make up and I'd walk the other way to the beach! I remember taking my rubbish out with a full curl and a full set of lashes.


  From left: Sandy Bay breakfast cushion in white, Bligh cushion in bud and Torsten cushion in red earth


It's so nice being engaged and it's been a really great journey so far. It's just nice when you find your person. 


 Joel knew there was something special about Elle from the moment they met, but it was the simple quality time spent lounging at home that saw the couple's love for each other grow.

E: We actually fell in love because when we first met, we'd just fall asleep on the lounge together. When you can sleep next to someone on a lounge, you know you're in a good place. Then our friends would be like "oh what'd you guys do last night?" and we'd just say, "ahhh we fell asleep on the lounge again!"  

For some reason we decided to get rid of that lounge because we wanted a different colour.  

J: We've literally had about four different lounges in the last 12 months trying to find the right replacement.  

E: Joel had to lift each one up over the balcony to get it into the apartment. 

J: Four couches, in and out over the balcony. So now we really appreciate how nice this lounge is to sit on. 


Elle admits their new white couch is an interesting choice for the owner of a fake tanning business, but it’s also one of the reasons she swears by Sheridan (no time for fake tan stains on our watch!). 

E: All of our towels are Sheridan. I like them because they're nice and thick, and my dressing gown is like my prized possession. 

J: She lives in that thing. 

We’re thrilled a Sheridan robe has found a place in Elle’s wardrobe, which is a). her favourite space in their home (aside from the couch), and b). the envy of most women in Australia. 

E: It's where I like to go to be at one with myself (laughs).




The Elle Effect continues to thrive in the Australian market and online, and is now spreading its wings internationally to stores in the UK. With such a successful business on the go, the couple are nonstop and no two days look the same. However, they’re dedicating 2020 to creating a work/ life balance, and making more time for themselves. 

E: At Christmas, we sat down and thought about the massive year we'd had with travel and the business. We decided that we really want to have our home as our home and have work as work. At the moment the lines are really blurred.

So we’ve just signed a lease to our first office, which is super exciting. We've got a beautiful space in Paddington. Being able to find that separation between work and home will be really good, because at the moment we sit down on our laptops at 11pm at night and have a brainstorming meeting.



 The Bligh cushion in bud


Since their engagement two years ago, Elle and Joel have been very secretive about their wedding plans. 

E: We'd like to tell you, but there would be a lot of people who would kill us if we did! I have to say, it's so nice being engaged and it's been a really great journey so far. It's just nice when you find your person. 

We have a feeling the big day isn’t too far off, so we’ll be patiently waiting. On the edge of our seats of course.







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