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Six Ways to Spend Your Summer Weekends

The edge of an outdoor swimming pool. In the background is a view of grassy hills and trees.The edge of an outdoor swimming pool. In the background is a view of grassy hills and trees.

Ah, the Australian summer. As temperatures rise and the scent of sunscreen and barbeque wafts through the air, the season of lazy weekends is here. So, how does one make the most of these sun-kissed days, you ask? Well, we’ve put together six delightful ways to while away your weekends – at home and beyond.

1. The Art of Relaxation: Find Serenity from Your Sanctuary

The pursuit of quality relaxation isn’t just a pastime; it's an art form. Create a quiet, comfy space in your home, where you can delve into an unputdownable book, try your hand at meditation or dip your toes into some yoga poses. Picture this: you, reclining on a lounge (or deck chair if your space allows), basking in the rejuvenating embrace of your very own private retreat. Ah, serenity now.

2. A Trip to the Beach (with a Twist)

It is a universally acknowledged truth that Australian summer means beach. If your tried and tested beach routine is feeling a little stale, why not switch it up? Perhaps an expedition into the magical wonderland of rock pools? Or trying your luck at paddleboarding? And remember, a day at the beach is never quite complete without your favourite beach towel and a generous slathering of SPF.

A young woman holding a fabric napkinA young woman holding a fabric napkin
A close-up of different colour fabric napkins with a bowl of olivesA close-up of different colour fabric napkins with a bowl of olives

3. Sumptuous Summer Picnics: Wine, Dine, and Unwind

The picnic has become a mainstay of summer leisure. Create your own indulgent outdoor feast by curating a selection of delectable treats (a prosciutto-wrapped something is always a winner), accompanied by a refreshing beverage or two — and of course, don't forget the napkins. The beauty of picnicking lies in its versatility – from a lush botanical garden to your own backyard, the possibilities are endless.

4. Backyard Cinema: Classic Flicks Beneath the Stars

In the spirit of the retro drive-in cinema – an enchanting combination of golden age glamour and the great outdoors – we present the backyard movie night. All that's needed is a humble projector, a screen (or a sizeable bedsheet, for the crafty amongst us), and a selection of irresistible cinema goodies. Don’t forget to get nice and comfy with some cushions and throws.

Cushions and a throw scattered over a chair and onto the floorCushions and a throw scattered over a chair and onto the floor

5. Backyard Glamping: Luxury Meets Outdoor Living

Who needs grand hotels when you can enjoy the opulence of glamping in your own backyard? As if summer sunsets weren’t enough of a treat, add in some fairy lights and cushions and your garden will be feeling like your own personal getaway in no time. Picture a humble tent kitted out with soft throws and plush pillows, finished with a side of marshmallows toasted over a welcoming fire pit. It's the quintessential camping experience, all from the comfort of home. As yard-bound adventurers, we appreciate that the conveniences of home – like a fridge a proper restroom – are just a brief, torch-lit trot away.

6. Walking Trails: Exploring the Great Outdoors

Nothing clears the mind quite like a good walk, especially if said walk takes place on one of Australia’s many walking trails. All it takes is a little research into your walking trail of choice (make sure you find a trail with a length and difficulty that suits your needs), some comfy walking shoes, a water bottle and of course, slip, slop slap on your sun protection.

Pro tip: always make sure you check the weather forecast before heading out on your walking adventure. Nobody wants to get caught in a storm or a heatwave.

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